Webinar - Business Briefing - Navigating the road ahead

3 Nov 2020 - 9 -10:30am

1 1/2 hour business briefing delivered by The Engine and sponsored by ScotPac.

- Catherine Sherwood, Director of The Engine
- Greg Wertheim, GM ScotPac
- Tony Alexander, Economist

2020 has challenged the NZ economy and along with that businesses. Tony sees ittle economic impact from the election outcome. Polls tell us we will get the return of a Labour-led government and we can only guess at what trade-offs there might be to secure support from any minor parties. We are sure Tony will have plenty to offer from a reliable viewpoint.

Business Finance not geared to personal security.
> Receive up to 85% of your invoice value within 24 hrs.
> No real estate security required.
> A come and go business finance facility.

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Q4 2020 Business Steering briefing with ScotPac Featuring Independent Economist Tony Alexander


Keynote Speakers

This event is sponsored by ScotPac and brought to you by The Engine & Business Strategy NZ

Grant Finer, Principal Connector of Business Strategy NZ will MC this event.

Businesses are poised to set their strategy, plan budgets and investments, and determine staffing and partnering decisions for FY21. Assuming vaccines against Covid-19 are distributed, along with some reopening of our borders for travel and to reignite international trade we may see a lift in economic activity along with business and consumer sentiment levels rising.

The NZ economy shrank over 13% in the first half of this year because of Covid-19 but the effects of recession will linger all through 2021. Many businesses will face sustained low revenue, wage growth will be low, and employment weaker. However, with interest rates set to sit at record low levels for many years housing market support will likely remain very strong. As always, the challenge for businesses will remain keeping working capital levels up and handling changes in Alert levels for perhaps another 12-18 months.

Join experienced business finance specialists ScotPac Business Finance to explore the economic outlook as seen by one of New Zealand’s most prominent economic consultants Tony Alexander and gain deeper insight to make better decisions on your organisation’s critical business decisions for the year ahead.

This webinar will have:

  • Director of The Engine, Catherine Sherwood discusses key changes coming up for businesses and what help is available to business owners.
  • General Manager of ScotPac NZ, Greg Wertheim demystifies invoice financing and how businesses can access finance that does not affect their personal assets;
  • Economist Tony Alexander delivers a post election outlook for businesses as we wrap 2020 with a look forward to 2021.
  • Q & A for 20 mins with Tony.

Business Briefing – Navigating the road ahead

Starts On:
November 03, 2020
9:00 AM
Ends On:
November 03, 2020
10:30 AM
Event Passed

Keynote Speaker:

Catherine Sherwood, Director
The Engine

Keynote Speaker:

Greg Wertheim, General Manager – Scottish Pacific

Keynote Speaker:

Tony Alexander, Economist

ScotPac – “More than 80% of all our new clients are referred to us by accountants, banks, commercial finance brokers and other business advisers.”

ScotPac Business Finance

Simply put, our aim is to give business owners a better chance of success.

Cash flow is by far the biggest stress point for business owners, whether you’re a business owner or an accountant, adviser or broker working with SME clients, the important thing to note is that unlike the inevitability of death and taxes, there are ways to improve working capital!


The cash flow squeeze is on, there’s no doubt.  The good news is that there are actions business owners can take to maximise their cash flow.  There is a style of finance that, allows you to boost cash flow and relieve the worries, pressure and stress related to day to day financing of the business.  Invoice finance (also known as debtor finance or receivables finance) is a line of credit that smooths out cash flow peaks and troughs for businesses that sell goods or services on credit terms.


Invoice finance means that you receive an advance on invoices already owed, and your funding grows in line with sales.  A business can boost turnover by bringing cash receipts forward, using a line of credit linked to and secured by outstanding accounts receivable.


It’s all about having flexible working capital to support the business, so that the business owner is not wasting valuable hours fretting over bills and unpaid invoices.


Whether the business is looking to expand, boost working capital, improve your day to day cash flow or even buy a business, our range of debtor finance and trade facilities can help you


For more information about how we can help your business, fill out a quick enquiry form or call us.




Business Briefing – Navigating the road ahead
November 03, 2020
9:00 am
Event Passed