Grant Finer – Business Strategies

“”Building an amazing business is all about creating powerful moments of connection”.



Business Strategy NZ is a community of small businesses from all industries mostly in the Auckland region. Founded through meetup, we host approximately 5,500 members and provide access to events enabling members to connect for like-minded networking and referrals, and grow their knowledge and skills through a variety of workshops. Members cover all industries but we tend to attract newer generation businesses, founders & entrepreneurs, solopreneur enterprises, and those growing a ‘side-gig’ business as a supplement or gradual transition plan from full-time employment to the benefits of professional consulting and self-employment.

Everything we do, we do because we believe that growth in business springs from people connecting. High quality, complementary businesses and business people connect to learn, refer, inspire, develop, mentor and expand their enterprises. To facilitate these connections we provide a variety of different types of events to members by partnering with experts and venues who want to reach today’s business demographic.

The community is extraordinarily diverse not only in industry make-up, but also incorporating people from many ethnic backgrounds, experience levels, and aspirations in business. This makes is an exciting place to meet, connect and share expertise. Our vision is to provide a platform for business owners to both meet like-minded people, and also share some of their business skills and expertise with a view to growing customers and referral business.

Business Strategy NZ is a huge advocate for purpose-led business practice, and business giving is woven into our operating practice. We believe that when something good happens in our business, something good should also happen in the world. We implement this through our partnership with B1G1, an organisation for global giving focused on small businesses. You can find out more on our Impact page.  


CONTACT Grant on 021 858 675.