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“Transforming your personal & business life”.

Self Development & Business Communication

Ines Curin provides effective self development consulting that adds real insights and value to business owners and solo entrepreneurs. Ines has vast experience and has been successful in developing and growing start-ups business. She has owned & operated a number of businesses that include retail, online and FMCG. This has enabled her to accumulate over 20 years in-depth, hands-on practical experience and knowledge in running & operating succcessful businesses.

Self Development & Business Communication was a natural progression for Ines, this is where she is able to use her skills, empowering entrepreneurs to uplift them by unlocking their true potential. Ines creates success by firstly focusing on personal development and creating a positive mindset: time management, self-sabotaging behavior (like procrastination and distraction), finding clarity, decision making, and moving into action. This important stage helps clients to develop a mindset to build a strong foundation that enables them to move their business in the right direction.

A consulting session with Ines involves a series of conversations, creating a strong relationship of rapport and trust that enables clients to gain clarity in what matters most and working out what you need to do to achieve your aspirations.Ines provides clients with the support they need, by observing, listening and asking questions to understand their situation. She achives this through facilitating a gentle exploration of client needs, motivations, and skills in order to identify solutions and fomulate an action plan and set appropriate goals. Ines’ deepest desire is to encourage a commitment to action and the development of lasting growth & change.

Ines is your business partner, she provides you with clarity and structure, offering you practical personal & business solutions.

Here is What Her Clients Are Say About Her:

“Ines is an intuitive consultant with an energetic and enthusiastic approach. Her insights have enabled me to open my thinking and motivate me towards successfully achieving my goals”
Geoff | Warkworth

“Ines helped me to find clarity, identify my blocks and see my way forward. She also helped me to feel safe with vulnerability and stop trying so hard to please. A very perceptive and skilful consultant.”

Majorie | Matakana

Ines’s ability to really see me—or maybe I should say, see the real me! I was struggling to find my identity and personal significance beyond the role of mother, wife, friend and creative. I feel like Ines helped free the potential in me and cut through the thinking and mindset patterns that were holding me back.

Lori | Matakana

CONTACT Ines on 021 866 659.