Jim Bennett 

“Life is all about Delivery”

With over 40 years of Commercial Governance, Sales Contract Management, Market, Operations, Human Resource and Leadership experience, Jim has had an extremely successful career in both small business and large corporates.


He has operated both in New Zealand as well as overseas and is well versed in understanding and operating in particularly challenging environments. Having built up and led large teams his whole life, Jim has been in situations where “change management” has been inevitable. This has positioned him well to help small to medium sized businesses with the challenges they now face in a post COVID world.

It is one thing to talk about the change that is needed, it’s another to be able to carry out the necessary changes within your business that deliver results. To do this without the necessary advice, guidance and support will be difficult for anyone in today’s environment. And to do this without having a strong, capable, and engaged team around you will make your journey even harder.

With extensive all round business experience, knowledge of the current market and ability to build high performing teams, Jim would be a valuable asset in helping your business to lift to the next level.

Whether you are looking for business advisory services, training, coaching or just wanting to have a sounding board, give Jim a call. Like all the Advisors within The Engine, he is here to help you realise your potential.

Sometimes it is not just about being the best at what you do. Sometimes the goal maybe just to be better today than you were yesterday.

Jim’s philosophy in life is simple – Life is about Delivery. Let me help you to deliver.

CONTACT Jim on 022 675 3403.