New business 101

It’s not called ‘building’ a business for fun …

And you don’t know what you don’t know.


Limited spots available!

Time: 3hr Workshops 

Length: 10 weeks

Building something that’s going to stand upright for a long period of time needs solid foundations. The same goes for business. You need solid foundations if you want to see success. Without them, whatever you build will come crashing down.

Too often, we see businesses that look great from the outside. Great branding, new website, enthusiastic founders…

But the reality is they’re just one small storm away from complete collapse.

We’re here to help you put the foundations in place at the beginning so you can build your business for long-term success with clarity and certainty with our New Business 101 course.

In depth


Week Course


The 10-Week course will help you lay strong foundations for business growth

This course has 10 x 3 hour in-person or online workshops – these are held weekly on the North Shore and Auckland Central. 

What you’ll gain over 10 weeks:

Cash is KING – learn vital knowledge to make better decisions with debtors and creditors for cashflow timings.

The must-know knowledge and key documents you need to avoid HR and legal issues – saving you stress and money.

An in-depth understanding of marketing and sales and how to apply key strategies in your business so you have clarity on how to attract and convert new customers – along with proven implementation methods to save you $$$.

A deep-dive into how to build a resilient mindset so you can face and overcome the challenges that come with being in business without burning out. 

Access to a wide network and community of fellow entrepreneurs who will support you on your business journey – and help you grow. 

A business growth blueprint tailored just for your company – this is not a theory-based course – it is practical and actionable so you have the clarity and direction you need to reach your goals.

Face-to-face access to experts in the legal, accounting, HR, marketing and sales fields, so you can get answers to your specific questions.

All the skills you need to confidently build your business in a sustainable way and the contacts to outsource when you need to – so you can scale smoothly.  

Inside New Business 101

What you’ll learn each week

Each week we have in-person training, in Auckland, for 3 hours.

*If in-person is not possible, an online option will be available.

Week 1: Introduction

  • Business plan
  • Budget
  • Tools, tips and tricks

Run by: Catherine + Jo Jensen (Strictly Savvy)

Week 2: Personal and Professional Development

  • Communication and relationships
  • Master yourself and strategies for growth

Run by:  Yvonne Letton (Brave Talks) + John Shackleton

Week 3: Accounting

  • Company structures
  • GST
  • Tax
  • Claiming

Run by:  Kirit Lal and Alannah Stewart ( Walker Wayland)

Week 4: Brand Development

  • Branding basics
  • Branding strategy 
  • Branding tools and tips

Run by: Lori Satterthwaite (Lola Media)

Week 5: Commercial Law and Health and Safety

  • Basics of company law
  • Leasing
  • Trade practices and Intellectual property
  • Health and Safety duties

Run by: Andrew Skinner (Martelli McKegg)

Week 6: Sales and Marketing

  • Unique selling point 
  • Target market analysis
  • Boat theory

Run by: Sales and Marketing Monique Bradley + Pete Ward (YourFix Communication) 

Week 7: Digital Outreach

  • Social media platforms
  • Profiles set-up
  • Analytics

Run by: Jef Kay (Easy Social Media)

Week 8: Business Coaching

  • Accountability 
  • Planning

Run by: Stephen Baker and  Nicola Shirley (The Engine Advisors)

Week 9: HR Compliance

  • Fiscal impact
  • Courageous conversations
  • Escalation
  • Disciplinary process

Run by: Lisa Mackay (HR Toolkit)

Week 10: Networking

  • Finding your community
  • Network development
  • Your story
  • Practical tips

Run by: Grant Finer (Business Strategy NZ) 

What the Engine has helped other businesses achieve

Lesley Dobson, It’s Organic Darling

We invested in products destined for airports and airlines and we know what happened there. In came Catherine. She just knows everyone, she doesn’t procrastinate and her background in business has been hugely helpful. 


Darrell Smith, Landsmiths

We’ve accomplished quite a few things through collaboration with other businesses. Catherine has introduced me to many businesses. The whole business has grown and we’ve cemented in some really good stuff. 


Save thousands of dollars by avoiding simple but often-overlooked business mistakes

When you’re starting out in business – you don’t know what you don’t know. 

And it’s the not knowing that can catch you out and cost you a lot of money.

Like how you hire and manage your staff

Hiring the wrong person can cost you thousands of dollars if you don’t know how to handle it.

How to sell your offer is what makes it a business

Not knowing how to sell effectively can bring your business to its knees

How you set yourself up legally

And let’s not forget about getting into an expensive legal wrangle because you haven’t set yourself up with the right day-to-day business documentation. 

Don’t let the unknown cost you your hard-earned cash – future proof your business with the proper knowledge you need to run it successfully.


A business Lifeline in your pocket

Not only will you save money in your business but if you enrol in New Business 101 – we’ll also throw in 3 month’s free access

to The Engine’s exclusive membership and community as a bonus

As part of your free access to The Engine’s Membership, you will:

  • Save 10 cents off a litre of fuel every time you fill up
  • Get  up to 30% off at selected major retailers with The Engine app
  • Be able to tap into our member-only network of business owners all there to help you grow
  • Have access to insightful business resources and case studies 

Funding Available!

Co-funded support – up to 50% of course costs

How much does the programme cost?

Full Price $10,000 + GST

Ask about special pricing or discounts and we can let you know about our latest offers.

Funding available up to a max of $5,000 + GST 

Only need a $500 + GST deposit to lock in your early bird price! 

Ready to get started?

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