New Business 101

You need someone who has been where you want to go.  At The Engine, we have all embarked on your journey.  Our course will provide you with in-depth business experience from the best of the best.  We’ll have your vision tied to the real world.

Becoming a business owner is within your reach

You have been working the management ladder and know you have the leadership potential to be your own boss and own your own Company.  You are poised to take a leap of faith.


The Engine’s New Business 101 course will provide you with in-depth knowledge required to run your own ship.  Our course could save you thousands in determining the best way forward.


New Business 101 is an opportunity for you to invest in your professional success. It allows you to link with the experts who can assist you to the next level.  At The Engine we are well poised to take you beyond the course with options that best suit you.


We specialise in Succession Planning for businesses and could well have your next business ready and waiting. We aim to have you reflect on your individual leadership style. We will profile you to find a match for an existing business or to start you out with the best foot forward in your own business.


Our providers are leaders in their own space.  They will collectively empower you with the right knowledge to develop best business practices.

How you Benefit

Gain in-depth Knowledge

Gain in-depth knowledge in all aspects of running a business and best practices trained by specialists in their professional space.

Develop Leadership Style

Develop an insight into your own leadership style. Determine your professional passion and create a business and marketing plan for your business idea. Even if you are considering a transition role or you are on the course to benefit your organisation. The creation of these plans will enable buy in and the execution of your plans.

Secure your Future

Secure your future and pathway as a New Business Owner with the support of The Engine during and post this course.

Participant Profile

The New Business 101 course is designed for professionals with strong management experience.  It’s for those ready to get to the next level of owning or running a business.  Current business owners may use our course to determine best business practices.  They can also place their 2IC or a key-person through our programme to provide in-depth knowledge to delegate more responsibility within the business.  Our programme will provide participants with specific knowledge.  It broadens their functional or operational knowledge to perform at Employer/Owner 101 level.  The cost for our course is $7000 + GST with a $500 + GST deposit required to book your space.   The Engine is a Service Provider to the Regional Business Partner Network.  You may be eligible for 50% funding of this course.


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