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Hi, I’m Yvonne from Brave Talks and it’s my pleasure to collaborate with our friends at The Engine! If you’ve hit a roadblock and aren’t sure what to do next, Brave Talks Coaches are here to assist with your health and wellbeing by helping you overcome the personal barriers that interfere with your professional success.

You may find yourself working more from home, or notice that your professional and personal life has become more closely intertwined. For this reason, we assess your needs holistically because we can’t separate the person from the profession – the challenges we have in one area of our life, often cross over into another.

Our coaches are here to work directly with you to identify the source of your challenges and match you with the holistic tools you need. The tools we use integrate the 3 areas for personal growth – mind, body and soul. These include Transformation Therapy (RTT & NLP), Breath-work, the Enneagram, Visual Expression and Spiritual Physics. Our business workshops focus on team development to strengthen greater communication and stronger working relationships.

Visit our office in Warkworth for a private consultation or team workshop or contact us for a chat on how we can help.

Coaching Your Mind, Body & Spirit for Inner Balance

I came out feeling really positive!

Through this learning opportunity I learnt/recognised something new about myself and I especially enjoyed the opportunity to chat about it and receive feedback from these lovely ladies. The information we have received from them so far is awesome and something I’d love to look into further for my own growth game. I came out feeling really positive so thank you!



It helped me see what I couldn’t see myself

I really enjoyed this [team development] workshop, it was very enlightening. I found the part about instincts very interesting because even though I had heard of them before I never really knew much about them. I want to say thank-you to them as this workshop helped me to understand a little bit more about myself and made a few things clearer to me. It helped me see what I couldn’t see myself in some aspects which is great.