Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Experts for Medium Sized Businesses.


Smetric Insights provides business intelligence services for medium sized businesses in NZ.  We help them get business clarity from their data and improve business performance and productivity.  With better information comes better decisions, better conversations and more successful businesses.


What we see out there is businesses with multiple systems, all with separate reporting, accounting, CRM, operational, project management systems, digital marketing etc.  When they want to understand what’s going on in their business, they dive into each system to press the ‘export to CSV or Excel’ button, and then put it all together into one spreadsheet.  It’s time consuming, prone to error, and complex spreadsheets are often meaningless to half the team. 


Our data analytics solution


With automated, tailored dashboards, all in one place, the focus is on improving the numbers, not finding them on the different software systems used by the business.  The insights gained from real-time data will enable businesses to:


  • Make faster, better decisions
  • Improved clarity and accountability
  • Spot opportunities to grow sales
  • Optimise operations and release cash
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Highly engaged teams