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For many years, Pete Ward and Monique Bradley of YourFix Communications have helped many brands, entrepreneurs and business owners create greater impact in the digital world by developing bespoke digital marketing strategies, digitising the sales process, characterising brands, project managing infrastructure builds, re-working messaging and content to help businesses reach their ideal customers, building trust, driving lead generation and making sales more easily.

They’re passionate about educating entrepreneurs, influencers, personal brands, business owners, managers and staff to become better marketers, brand ambassadors and storytellers. 

Through online learning and personal mentoring they grow their clients knowledge base AND support them with their project rollout, enabling them to take control, upskill, empower their teams with a refreshed direction and vision.

Leading the way with live streaming in New Zealand, Pete and Monique specialise in advertorial style video content and TV shopping style demonstrations, creating greater brand awareness, engagement and helping consumers make better buying decisions. 

With many years of professional experience as business owners and developers, project managers, systems and IT, event management and coordination, publicity campaigns, brand development and sales skills Pete and Monique are excited to share their knowledge, tips and tricks on how to maximise a brands impact and create attraction as part of the buyer journey.



I help brands clarify the value that they have.

Pete Ward has spent more than 23 years in IT, network support, server support and as a linux integrator in his own previous companies.

He’s worked in schools and Universities in New Zealand, worked extensively in sales, and most notably launched the first Virtual Learning Centre in New Zealand for the Maori University Te Wananga O Aotearoa.

This project was the first ever distance learning program in New Zealand, training more than 12000 students across 47 sites in the North Island. Pete was involved with every factor of the project: business modelling and financial projections, business development, site creation and management, digital infrastructure creation and networking, integration of online programmes, student onboarding and retention strategies, and even built a bespoke Internet Service Provider to enable all students – even those in remote locations – to have internet access.

Pete is the Managing Director of Yourfix Limited, who in this role, brings in his expertise in digital strategy, business and brand clarity, project management and specialises in all elements of the digital world. Pete also manages yourfixTV, focusing on building audiences online and providing an advertising platform for businesses who wish to access these audiences.

He’s also the primary video content creator and live streaming broadcast producer and director who has produced more than 700 video content pieces for corporates through to small businesses and was a pioneer in multi camera live streaming.


I help brands clarify the value that they give to others.

Monique Bradley is a Lifestyle TV presenter and Internet TV host, voiceover artist, singer, teacher, digital coach and specialist in conscious communication.

As co-owner of Yourfix Limited, Monique brings her extraordinary skills in language, communication and inherent understanding of brand management to the agency with clients often commenting ‘I wish I could say that like you did!’

Monique has worked in media and entertainment for more than 25 years, is a multi award winning performer and children’s entertainer and owned her own performing arts school for close to 10 years in Wellington.

She has delivered lectures on the power of language and communication and the benefits of storytelling for early childhood development throughout New Zealand.

Monique has worked on numerous TV commercials, national and international films and was hand picked as a host of New Zealand TV shopping channel ‘Yesshop’, broadcasting through New Zealand and Australia, based on her strong communication skills, expertise in messaging and understanding of the language of sales. Monique has also appeared as a presenter in Advertorial content for TV 3 show ‘The Cafe’.

As a micro influencer, Monique shares her story of losing over 40 kilos in weight online – across multiple platforms – sharing tips and tricks on how she transformed her health, her mindset and her wellness, while working as a primary host for review and promotions site ‘Guide To Better Shopping’.

Together, Pete and Monique have worked with brands and businesses of all sizes, from single owner / operators, to mid level companies and larger teams, through to working alongside Saatchi and Saatchi on advertorial, live streaming and digital campaigns for DeLonghi and Kenwood.



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Pete: [email protected], 0272462212

Monique: [email protected], 021784021