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Welcome to The Engine

The Engine was founded by successful Entrepreneur and Business Advisor, Catherine Cooke. 
Catherine built her first company from the ground up, to multiple companies with a staff number of 90. She has been a business advisor for the last seven years, with an extensive track record in helping businesses grow. 
Catherine has seen first-hand how many businesses have struggled because they’ve hired a service provider who couldn’t deliver. 
So she set out to change that by vetting and partnering with service providers she knows can deliver on their promises. 
At The Engine, you’ll get access to all of our service providers so your business can thrive.  



Get access to all parts of The Engine so you can run your business smoothly

The Crankshaft

Grow your business with our specialist Branding and Marketing experts 

The marketing industry is a minefield and selecting providers who can actually help you move your business forward can be a gamble.


We’ve assembled the very best marketing minds across a variety of disciplines.


From branding, photography and communications to digital marketing and email automation. We’ve got a dedicated team of providers who are committed to getting you results.

The Pistons

Keep your business firing with our professional Financial and Accounting advice

Understanding and managing cashflow and having access to funds are critical to running a successful business.


We’ve partnered with specialist accountants, financial lenders and a debt recovery service to help you stay on top of the most important aspect of business – the numbers!

The Gasket

Get support with tricky legal issues from some of the best legal minds in the country 

“Don’t blow a gasket” – as they say. There are plenty of legal fishhooks in business.


We want to make sure your business is set-up correctly to prevent any unnecessary legal issues.


We have also partnered with experienced legal professionals who can help you with legal requirements from employment issues to commercial disputes and everything in between. 

The Spark Plugs

Spark new business relationships and get support by tapping into our networks 

Spark new relationships with our network partners from a shared space to networking groups we’ve got all the connections you’ll need to support your business as it grows. 

The Engine Block

The engine block is the heart of an engine – just like people are the heart of your business

How you manage people in your business can make or break it. At The Engine we’re connected with phenomenal HR support businesses who can help you with your most precious resource. 

The Valves

Get help to relieve the pressure when you’ve got too much on your plate with admin support

If you want your business to grow – you can’t do it all. We’ve partnered with the leading virtual assistant business in New Zealand. They can take all the admin tasks off your plate. 

How to get results with our specialist providers


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