The Team

We are a specialised group of business advisors, specialist providers and strategic business partners.


This formation of this network significantly expands our base of expertise.  It results in a combination of personalised attention to clients typically only afforded by a larger company.  Our combined efforts enable us to provide services based on the proven endorsement of our providers.  Our rich array of skills and talents service the full range of needs required by clients over the life-cycle of an organisation.  We aim to educate, provide solutions and reduce risk.  Most importantly, we provide a platform enabling businesses to work with other businesses.


The Engine’s business partners have a wealth of knowledge in best practices to grow your business and work with others.  We know the importance of time.  We will ensure you are well supported in required areas so you can work on areas of growth.


Depending on clients’ needs, abilities, and time demands, our specialist providers play many roles.  These range from project leader, to process facilitator, to consulting expert.  Our education and experience span multiple fields.  We are capable of tackling business, technical, social and personal issues.  Unlike many larger companies, the CEO of The Engine personally oversees every company introduction to our Membership Model.  Our specialist providers support roles as required by each client’s unique needs.

Catherine Sherwood, Director


Great Leaders rise out from adversity

Harvard Business Review


The Engine will guide you through adversity & anchor your success.

Catherine Sherwood, Director

Catherine is a passionate and entrepreneurial-minded businesswoman.  She has consistent success in start-ups; building, growing and improving the profitability as well as lifting performance to increase the value of existing companies and creating sustainable exit/succession strategies.  An engaging speaker she empowers people to achieve meaningful and sustained improvements.  Catherine brings energy and insight into engagements.  Ranging from team-building with front-line employees, through to coaching CEO’s in major changes.


Coming from a commercial background that took her to importing, she established her first company in 2001.  This business specialised in design & offshore sourcing.  During this period, Catherine retained a full-time role as Production/General Manager of another company while starting her own business.  With increased interest in her business, she left the security of full-time employment and expanded to a workforce of 10.  By the end of year 2, commercial premises were bought.  Year 3 saw major licenses secured, such as Rugby World Cup 2011.  The business grew to 30 staff.  In this period, Catherine was nominated and became a finalist in the Employer of the Year category for the North Shore Westpac Business Awards.  Continued growth resulted in the formation of two more companies.  This included a franchised retail arm of the group.  By year 8, the business supported a total of 87 staff and business relationships Catherine formed over the years has been instrumental in navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.


One of the Judges of the awards, Business Coach Andy Burrows wrote 7 years on: Catherine is a skilled businesswoman who brings focus, energy and tenacity into whatever she puts her mind to.  My experience with Catherine has shown her be capable of handling a range of projects and a capacity for work that is hard to match.  A great networker and communicator, she always finds time for people and is able to maintain a sense of humour, even when under pressure.


Catherine has worked on supplying the Rugby World Cup 2015 during 2014.  She was also the Business Advisor for the Chamber of Commerce for 2015.  Through her vast experience, she has assisted business owners faced with adversity in employee related issues.  This includes business restructure, start-ups and more.  Continuing with her journey to help businesses connect, Catherine is also one of two Regional Group Managers for The Networking Group.


Catherine has an unsurpassed ability to see to the heart of issues.  She’s able to generate creative solutions, build collaborative relationships, and facilitate project teams with energy and enthusiasm.  Tenacious and personable, she is a self-actualised person and has humility in understanding adversities.  Her completion of a Black Belt in Six Sigma alongside all she has achieved to date means she can confidently navigate all aspects of business and is passionate to do so.


Her sole purpose in developing The Engine was to line back the pockets of business owners with savings; provide business owners an opportunity to reward their team without dipping further in to their pockets and most importantly provide to businesses the best of the best coaching & professional services to scale them for growth.

Zoe Vickery, Business & Membership Support


Zoe is dedicated to providing excellent business support across all areas of business.


Graduating in the top 10% with a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Management and Business Information Systems she offers the perfect blend of customer care alongside improving systems and processes.


Her heart is to see businesses grow sustainably and she is passionate about how businesses can help a community thrive.  With experience in the growing trend of shared office spaces she enjoys learning how new business models and technology is allowing businesses to remain resilient and efficient no matter the current climate.


Contact Zoe now so she can discuss how our business membership can have you and your staff saving at many retailers & provide your business with support which will also include two 1 hour free advisory sessions.

Check out which of our Membership options is best suited for you.  Our membership is a legitimate taxable expense.