Yvonne Letton – Brave Talks

“Conversations that matter”.


Coming from a corporate background in marketing within the primary industries, Yvonne was to transfer these skills into establishing her own business franchising retail juice bars throughout Auckland and Waikato area. This experience led to further work in retailing including the creation of a collective of retail owners. Here Yvonne would manage her own store, and bring together other business owners to enhance their marketing buying power, as well as become valuable business advisors to each other. Experienced retail owner Margaret Hetherington from The Red Barn wrote, ” Yvonne has been wonderful at pulling us (business owners) together, and building a strong and connected network. She showed great initiative and was always open and easy to communicate with”.

Building on these past business experiences, Yvonne now provides a self development programme that helps business owners identify the heart of what it is that really motivates them. It’s about stepping back to basics and revisiting the foundational values you and your business are working from. Grant Clifton of Countrywise Financial had this to say about the workshop he attended “Your workshops were very insightful and provided me with a range of tools I could use in my business to understand the different communications styles, behaviours and personality types of my clients. I totally recommend this as a great business enhancement and personal development program.”

Yvonne’s strongest desire is working in the area of human resources and self development to grow greater self awareness around what’s really important to business owners both personally and professionally. Her philosophy is that when these two areas of life work together harmoniously, everything is more enjoyable.

CONTACT Yvonne on 021 442 071.