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Business Advice

If you’re serious about building or expanding your business, having experienced advisors is essential. At The Engine, we bring a proven track record of working with businesses from various industries. Our Advisors have been in your shoes, actively involved, and have successfully built and grown companies similar to your aspirations numerous times.  Success depends on the expertise you have with you, and our specialist community has the strategic guidance needed for your business and our approach brings about accountability, ensuring that your plans are executed with precision and effectiveness.

*Your business may be eligible for capability funding too.

Business Consulting

Business owners also engage us to assist them with implementation and delivery.  Engaging us means business as usual’ can continue while we work on bringing about change. Or perhaps you need a Co-Pilot Interim CEO?  You can’t inspire others, bring success and purpose for the business if you are running on empty!

With a bit of planning & preparation and having the right Co-Pilot taking an uninterrupted break is within your grasp. HIRE AN INTERIM CEO from within The Engine offers an experienced plugin CEO from as little as ½ a day a week (or longer) to provide business continuity and operational support for CEOs and business owners – to step away or have as additional support to drive your business. 


Effective governance is imperative for fulfilling the commitments of a business, particularly for Directors who bear legal obligations. Our Executive Board service not only provides a structured board framework but also enhances business security, instils confidence in stakeholders, and fortifies resilience in the face of adversity.

Our proven comprehensive approach is tailored for those who prioritise risk mitigation and seek to meet legal requirements while ensuring the promises of the business are upheld. 


Building something that’s going to stand upright for a long period of time needs solid foundations. The same goes for business. You need solid foundations if you want to see success. 

Too often, we see businesses that look great from the outside. Great branding, new website, enthusiastic founders…

But the reality is they’re just one small storm away from complete collapse.

We’re here to help you put the foundations in place at the beginning so you can build your business for long-term success with clarity and certainty. 

*Your business may be eligible for capability funding too.

A Trusted Network

We know how hard it can be to find experienced service providers that get results. Our specialist community have worked together for years with hundreds of businesses to achieve results & success.

We go Live on LinkedIn bi-weekly with different specialist providers and our Advisors to help educate and keep Business Owners informed. You don’t know what you don’t know. 

You can rewatch these videos on our You Tube Channel to meet some of our experienced specialist providers and the quality of expertise they bring to the table. Or click below to listen on PODCAST below or other channels.

Our Business Advisors

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Christine Rankin

Business Advisor – Leadership Expert

Christine has lead small teams to running organisations with 100s of staff. Now armed with a lifetime of experience in business, she knows leadership starts at the top. Help your business thrive by making sure you have leadership structures and processes in place.

“Your success is my passion”.

Peter Cooke

Business Advisor – CX Expert

Peter’s career has spanned many industries and countries over the past 35 years. Experience gained across the banking, utility, telecommunications and insurance sectors has seen Peter develop extensive senior management and leadership skills.

I see solutions – not problems”.

Catherine Cooke (nee Sherwood)

Founder and Leading Business Advisor

Catherine is a passionate and entrepreneurial-minded business woman. She has consistent success in start-ups; building, growing and improving the profitability as well as lifting performance to increase the value of existing companies and exit/succession strategies.

“Your passion, your business”.

Inside The Engine

Take a look under the hood and find out what makes The Engine so powerful for business owners looking to power up their business results. 

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