COVID-19 Business Continuance, Wellness & Recovery Programme

up to $5000 fully funded for business advice, support & coaching - One-to-one
Government Approved to Qualifying Businesses. The Engine are a service provider to the RBPN to deliver this programme.

Smart Sustainable Marketing post COVID-19

up to $5000 fully funded for business advice, support & coaching - One-to-one
Government Approved to Qualifying Businesses. The Engine are a service provider to the RBPN to deliver this programme.

Business Continuance & Recovery

When business is disrupted, it costs money. Lost revenues plus extra expenses means reduced profits. The Engine has an approved programme through RBPN that if approved will provide 50% funding for our services. Protect your investment with our business advisory support.

Business Advisor | Advisory Board

Improving your business value, build management capability, strategic planning, succession, execution and more.

(Funding eligibility may
be available).

The Engine Membership

Now more than ever businsesses need external help.

From $72 a month we will be alongside you with business support, savings & more.

The Power of a Testimonial

Part of the reason why testimonials are so important is that they help create a deeper, more emotional appeal for your branding.

Women in Business

You know that saying, “Knowledge is power.” Catherine Sherwood, Director of The Engine has been a woman in business for 20 + years.

New Business 101 Course

• Start Ups;
• Existing business;
• Succession Transition.

(Funding eligibility may be available).

Regional Business Partner Network

The Engine is an approved Service Provider to deliver Business Services within the Regional Business Partner Network.

Succession Planning

Have you planned your exit strategy from the business?

Or continuance planning in the event of an emergency?


It's not what you know, it's who you know. If you want your business to survive and thrive, you need to build a network of strong, reliable connections.

Networking is part of your business.

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The quality of the leader is reflected in knowing their strengths and the standards they set for themselves. Is your business sustainable and geared for long term success? Are you disciplined in managing what you are good at and have the right hands beside you? Complete The Engine’s “Business HealthCheck Questionnaire” to discover where you are on your business journey.

The Engine Process

The Process

Striving to outflank competitors these days involves capitalising on highly effective internal and external relationships. These ensure the business has the capabilities to support its mission and evolving growth initiatives. The strategy of connectivity to other people and entities is now crucial for innovation and overall success. Businesses today must propagate connections that provide resources they don’t possess in house and enable them to move quickly to profit.

Partnering with The Engine via Membership will enable business transformation and positively impact the bottom line.

Case Studies

Membership provides Resources and Case Studies based on real-life situations across many different business topics.

Grace Team Accounting Limited v Brake:  The case of Brake involved an accountant who had been working at one of the big accounting firms in New Zealand.  She left that firm to work for Grace Team Accounting Limited. Six months after commencing employment for Grace Team Accounting Limited, Ms Brake was made redundant.  Ms Brake raised a personal grievance for unjustified dismissal. The parties could not resolve the issues and the case ended up in the Court of Appeal.

What was the court decision?

The Court of Appeal decided in Ms Brake’s favour and in doing so, it broadened an employer’s requirements when undertaking a restructure. The Court also widened its own ability to look under “the veil” of the employer’s decision-making regarding the restructure. The impact of this decision means that:

  1. The judges can now examine the merits of an employer’s claimed reasons for redundancy.
  2. An employer will have to justify the grounds on which a restructure has been proposed.

Membership will empower you with information to think firstly before you act and most importantly seek expert advice on the subject from The Engine’s Providers.  Expert advice will save you valuable time and money.

Engine Case study
Engine Case study

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