Our Advisor/Coaching Team



Don’t let a business problem keep you stuck or awake at night


Bring us your problem and get your first 1-hour of FREE advice from an experienced business advisor.


There’s no doubt about it – business is tough at the moment. 


And trying to figure things out on your own can really slow you down.


Sometimes all it takes is a conversation with someone who’s been where you’ve been to help you move forward. 


We have a great team of Business Advisor/Coaches able to guide you and your business through difficult times and scale businesses to be sustainable.

Our Advisors have specific areas of expertise to assist your business with building management capabilities.


You may be eligible for cofunded support for our Advisory.

Catherine Cooke (nee Sherwood)

Catherine is a passionate and entrepreneurial-minded business woman. She has consistent success in start-ups; building, growing and improving the profitability as well as lifting performance to increase the value of existing companies and creating sustainable exit/succession strategies.

Pete Ward

Pete is passionate about learning, education and utilising technology to accomplish this. As a digital culturalist, Pete helps businesses embrace digital into their culture and believes that by doing so, Maori businesses and indeed all businesses can grow, prosper and build a better Aotearoa for all.