Good business is about connection

Connecting with your team

Connecting with your customers

Connecting with your hapori
Connecting with yourself 

Discover the tools you need to create a vibrant, connected work culture.

Company culture is made up of the values, behaviours, practices, and attitudes that people in a business share. It defines how the business is run and directly impacts both the employee and customer experience. 

Our Founder, Catherine Cooke is proudly a riders&elephants Practitioner which means as a business we can help facilitate stronger connections to grow a healthier company culture and business.

There is science behind understanding feelings.  Feelings are messengers of needs.  By aligning the pursuit of business objectives with the meeting of human needs, companies can tap into powerful emotional forces in their current cultural situations.  Having conversations around emotions assists with survival, growth, and connects you with others.  They are also instrumental in guiding your decisions, behaviours, and motivations. 

Flip the culture conversation.  

Manage Your Emotional Culture

Most companies don’t realise how central emotions are to building the right culture. They tend to focus on cognitive culture: the shared intellectual values, norms, artifacts, and assumptions that set the overall tone for how employees think and behave at work. Though that’s incredibly important, this author’s research shows that it’s only one part of the full story. Another critical part that needs to be considered is emotional culture, which governs which feelings people have and express at work.

Build a better culture with

The Emotional Culture Deck

Change your culture and you’ll change your results. The Emotional Card Deck is designed to get your team talking – tapping into vulnerability and empathy.

Creating conversations that lead to long-term organisational change. This research-backed card game is used by some of the biggest and most inspiring companies on the planet like Netflix, Air New Zealand and Xero.

We can facilitate the implementation of honest emotional conversation in your business. 

Understand your customers better with The Customer Experience Deck

Customers aren’t data points. They’re human beings. Truly understanding your customers means understanding how they want to feel. 

The Customer Experience Deck helps you understand what you do and don’t know about your customers so you can start to have meaningful conversations and create a truly customer-centric business. 

We can facilitate the implementation of customer experience conversation in your business.

Connect with yourself with 
The Wellbeing Deck

We all face challenges in our lives that we need help with. The Wellbeing Deck helps people create a wellbeing plan that is actionable and easy to use. The Wellbeing Deck helps people identify their ideal state, their low points and the influences or triggers for those low points. 

It helps to facilitate tricky conversations in a safe environment and ultimately empowers people to understand what can impact their mental state. It’s a wonderfully supportive tool to use in the workplace. 

We can facilitate the implementation of wellbeing conversation in your business.

How we can help you build deeper connections and a better business

Step 1: We diagnose

Using courageous conversations we check the pulse of the business and get insights from employees and customers. 

Step 2: We do a deep dive

Once we have the insights from our diagnosis we dive deeper and assess your risk. 

Step 3: We create a plan

We create an agreed action plan to improve employee engagement and customer experience with accountability and milestone check-ins. 

The journey starts here. 

Connect with us for a better company with an inspiring employee and customer engagement process.

We’ll help you build a better culture, become more customer-centric and be more resilient. 

Let’s make it happen

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