Membership Benefits

Business Support & Membership

The Engine is motivated to educate and catalyse change that will provide growth and financial success. Whether it be professional and collaborative engagement / support, succession planning, networking or membership you will be able to see the immediate value we provide. Connect with us now via our contact form or call to discuss how The Engine can help.

Business Tips, Case Studies and Resources

The Engine’s Membership at all three levels will have you thinking through real life situations and proven solutions via our resources. Our resources are designed to be information fact sheets and not templates. We believe processes should be tailored as a preventive risk management as not all businesses are the same. Check out our Case Study examples here.

One on one consultation


The Engine does not provide a one glove fits all but we do provide a collaborative platform solution. Each provider has a no-obligation consultative process and will consider all our providers offering during your consultation. This ensures you know how one expertise field relates to another to deliver your plans. Use our contact form to connect with us or call.


Networking is GOLD. That next business connection could well be your biggest client. It could provide a link to growth for your business, merely by connecting. The accessibility of our database through the Engine’s membership will maximise your time, allowing you to connect with the right people. Networking is the opportunity to market your business with a wider audience to be time efficient. It is also an opportunity to step away from your business and hear other’s stories of where they are at and the value you each may add.


The Engine’s Alliance Partnerships provides you with huge savings and financial growth. An example of Fuel Savings: Your 10c per litre saving on petrol if you spend $150 per week on petrol @ 1.899 ltr = approx. 79 litres = $410.75 per year back in you back pocket. That alone is over of an Engine Essentials Membership so you know your Membership provides considerable savings just in petrol alone. A fleet of 3 cars would give you over $1,230+ back. Our objective is to continue to put money back in your account and/or provide you with ways to fund growth in your business.

Quarterly Forums

Our forums provide the opportunity to leverage business, network, educate and provide inspiration. Education tabletops for businesses will be pre-sold in advance to Members. They will be provided with a captive target market audience of which they can develop their business. Our forums are designed to have one business topic per forum. Please express your interest via our contact form to have a business presence at our Quarterly Forum