The voice of the customer brings insights to your business for growth

An independent customer survey facilitated by The Engine enables focus on key opportunities and brings the voice of the customer to life.

Why get The Engine to carry out a customer survey?

Without customers, you don’t have a business. 

And it costs so much more to acquire and find new customers than it does to service your existing customers. 

But knowing what your customers really think about your business can be tricky. Especially when you’re so involved working IN and not ON the business. 

Having your finger on the pulse of your customer’s interactions with your business will help you to create a better experience for them. 

And that will lead to a stronger growth allowing your business to thrive.   

Get to know what your customers are REALLY thinking so you know where you need to improve and focus.

Get independent, professional advice from an experienced business advisor who can help you interpret the results and create an action plan for growth and transformation. 

What our clients say about our Customer Survey

Catherine and The Engine have been an invaluable source of information for us, especially in the wake of the recent Pandemic.

Being a small business which my husband and myself had started from scratch we had reached a stage in our businesses growth that we were feeling a little out of our depth trying to transition into a more Professional and larger company.

Catherine supported us in the development of a Website and creating our presence on Social Media.

She also aided us in renewing all of our Employee Contracts including Vehicle and Drug and Alcohol Policies and a solid Code of Conduct Handbook bringing us up to date with all changes.

Having a solid Cashflow Forecast has also allowed us to sleep better at night.

Catherine also recommended we hear the voice of our customer and we engaged in a customer survey produced by The Engine which delivered insights and learning along with humbling testimonials from our customers. We look forward to putting those learnings from our customers in to action.

The Engine has been a solid and reliable source of education and guidance in these changing times. It is great to know that they are just a phone call away.


Director, Absolute Scaffolding

What our clients say about working with us

Lesley Dobson, It’s Organic Darling

We invested in products destined for airports and airlines and we know what happened there. In came Catherine. She just knows everyone, she doesn’t procrastinate and her background in business has been hugely helpful. 


Darrell Smith, Landsmiths

We’ve accomplished quite a few things through collaboration with other businesses. Catherine has introduced me to many businesses. The whole business has grown and we’ve cemented in some really good stuff. 


How to start?

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