We know what’s keeping you up at night and we can help  

Good governance delivers on the promise of the business.

Our Executive Board service offers board structure, business security, stakeholder confidence and adversity resilience for the risk-averse.  

Good governance structure is about legal compliance, mitigating risk and bringing outside expertise to the table for growth, PR and high-level business structure. 

Do you feel like you are constantly putting out fires with the banks, legal claims, staffing issues and workplace incidents?

Don’t wait until your brand, reputation and finances are at critical risk to take action.

Small problems are like small fires.

Leaving a smaller problem unattended because you are too burned out to deal with it may seem like a good strategy at the time.

If you have to choose which fires to put out because you are too burned out to deal with all of them will put your business at risk.

Will you have the strength and capability to put out big fires when they suddenly double in size?

Good governance is more than just having a few structures in place.

It is leadership capability with accountability at stakeholder level that will protect your business before issues arise.

Let’s help you tackle the blurred lines.

Too many people try to bring governance structure and operational expertise to the same table.

Time, energy and skills are spread too thin and before you know it cracks start to appear.

Maybe it starts as a small cash flow issue, or it could be a PR headache, but they quickly open the doors to bigger governance problems like ERA and Worksafe claims, contractual law issues and more.

Insurance can fix some of the problems but how will you attract new talent when your reputation is shattered?

Reactive problem-solving is part of the day-to-day life of many businesses, but it doesn’t have to be.

No matter what your business is dealing with, we have seen it before and we can give you the peace of mind you need.

Why The Engine

The Engine are specialist business providers and advisors that can provide you and your business with the real-life plan you need to protect your brand while helping you grow.

Our team brings a unique blend of life experience and expertise to the table – we know all about your pain points.

We work with a trusted network of industry experts and advisors. Together we will plug into your business and help your corporate engine hum.

Our on-the-ground knowledge and perspective can help your business navigate any challenging situation.

What The Engine can do for your business

Give you peace of mind and help you make sure your business is compliant, efficient and organised on every level.

Give you support and help you manage the heavy lifting so you can get on with what you do best.

Bring the best expertise to your table and connect to our partner network contacts to help you take your business to the next level.

We’ll take away the noise and give you back your business confidence with a high-level strategy focused on your goals.

Let us do the heavy lifting


Are you ready to get back on track?

The Engine’s 3-Step Process


We’ll work with you to give you an understanding of what is required by you by law.


We’ll help you identify new opportunities and risks.


We’ll build you a strategic, actionable structure to give you accountability at stakeholder level.

Success Story

What one of our many clients says about working with us

LinkedIn Live – Episode 7

In this episode Founder of The Engine, Catherine Cooke, interviews Cora and Chris Lawton, Directors of Steelpac, on the importance of Director Responsibilities and Transition for Next Generation Leadership. Catherine is also joined by Andrew Skinner from Urlich Milne Lawyers who offers his advice on the topic from a legal perspective. 


“Catherine has been an asset to our family business. We were struggling with governance and structure and she has helped us to implement this in our company. Our employees are now driven to achieving and our customers are even more satisfied with the products and services we provide them. Consulting with her has also had a positive effect on our finances.” 

Cora Lawton

Director of Steelpac Construction

We’ve helped many businesses just like yours

And we know that running a business can be a lonely business. 

But we also that knowledge is power. 

Let’s power up your business and get it ready for the next level.

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