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Catherine came on board in early February tasked with forward planning / marketing / succession planning and to assist with my exit as a working shareholder in our import / wholesale business.  Then all hell broke loose with the unforeseen COVID 19 lockdown.


Catherine rose to the challenge, rolled up her sleeves and helped in every area from demanding accountability, putting us in touch with already stretched reliable resources to enable us to remain in business through a very testing time, providing introductions to enable much needed IT upgrade, specialist finance options and legal advice options plus social media experts.


Not only did we manage to hold our own beyond the lockdown period Catherine facilitated an exit path for me that seemed almost impossible. Going forward the business has retained her as an expert business advisor.


I highly recommend the advice and mentorship of Catherine Sherwood and the Engine.


Greg Anderson

Former Co-Director

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Catherine Sherwood has been our Business Advisor since early April 2018.  Our group of companies consists of 11 stores and 4 brands.  Her breadth of experience as a business owner as well as her years of experience with the China markets made our decision to engage with her easier.  Over the course of our engagement Catherine has worked to assist my staff in leadership and development, built our Digital Footprint and Customer Engagement, followed through on compliance matters, established sales pipelines for the business and worked on development of strategic partnerships for growth.  I regard Catherine as a partner in my business, someone I can share confidential information with, trust to deliver areas within our business with our best interest and know she enjoys seeing our success.  We look forward to our continued partnership with Catherine.

Alex Su

Director , iRelax

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I connected with Catherine when I was after some legal advice, she pointed me in the direction of Linda from GM Legal, Linda has been a major help to my situation and I am for ever grateful to Catherine for connecting me with Linda. THANK YOU!!


Amy Duncan

Community Page

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We are really appreciative of the support & guidance Catherine gave us during our time working with her as our Business Advisor.  Not just from a business perspective, but also on a personal level as she genuinely looked out for us as individuals – not just business owners.

The Customer Survey which was conducted was an awesome process to go through, one that we would never have attempted to do on our own and it was great to get feedback from our customers on what we were doing well, and what we could improve on.


Catherine’s experience in customer engagement has helped us to take our social media presence to a new level, and we’ve had great feedback on our monthly newsletters that Catherine initiated and got off the ground for us.


Catherine has a wide range of contacts across many different industries which helped us review different facets of our business including finance and marketing.


Thank you for your help Catherine, we now feel much more confident in the direction we are heading and more confident to tackle things on our own now.

Scott & Shannon Sampson

Directors, Glendene Engine Reconditioners Limited (GER)

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Grant Finer

Business Strategy NZ

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I’ve had 2 Zoom meetings with Catherine so far, and there is no doubt in my mind that talking to her has been one of my best decisions this year. Catherine not only has the ability to ask the right questions in order for yourself to determine what is important to you and what direction you choose to take next, but she also has guidance and advice to empower yourself to implement any changes you wish to make. I look forward to progressing professionally with a new determination! Thank you Catherine!


Louise Swainson

Girls Talk Business NZ Member

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The Crate Flexible Office Space is proud to be partnered with Catherine Sherwood and The Engine. As solid believers in collaboration and co-working, our experience with The Engine has been nothing less than generous and helpful. This is relationship is returning in many ways, including the expansion of our business network, new partnerships, more foot traffic through our facility and great promotion from Catherine who is a serious promoter of others whether in person, at events or through social media.


Dean Payn

Director, The Crate Flexible Office Space

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We are a Building Company which has been operating for many years and now are in an expanding mode building Container Homes. Catherine Sherwood has made her mark on our business in so many ways as our business advisor, with her expertise and knowledge in every aspect. She has set us up with contacts from her large networking data base, which has saved us a lot of money and heartache, also her invaluable experience in marketing, which in turn has enabled the business to move forward in so many ways.  We have recognised that Catherine’s continual support has been exactly what we needed and realise that we would be floundering without her. It’s very comforting that we have her behind us, and value her friendship. Anyone considering using Catherine’s services would surely benefit in so many ways, highly recommended.


Mary and Graham Little

Directors, Attitude Building