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Do you pay your taxes by cheque?

Do you pay your taxes by cheque?   Five new ways to do it. If you normally write a cheque to pay for your taxes, it’s time to decide how you will pay in the future. As of 1 March 2020, the IRD will no longer be accepting cheques. By the end of the last … Read More

Reminder: Rental losses ring-fenced from 2019/2020 tax year

Reminder: Rental losses ring-fenced from 2019/2020 tax year   The new law on ring-fencing rental losses is now in force, which means: In most cases ring-fenced deductions will be carried forward and can only be used against residential rental or sale of property income in future years. Property investors will, in most cases, no longer … Read More

The benefits of external business advisory help – we have walked in your shoes.

Running a business can often seem daunting, complex and lonely. The Team at The Engine can help you on the path to success. Whether you are planning a new business, running an existing business or would like to grow, The Engine and their providers will work by your side to help you achieve your business … Read More

The Engine Membership Benefits

The Engine’s Membership at all three levels will have you thinking through real life situations and proven solutions via our resources. Our resources are designed to be information fact sheets and not templates. We believe processes should be tailored as a preventive risk management as not all businesses are the same.  Read More

New Drug Testing Standards

New Zealand and Australia received new standards and procedures for specimen collection, detection, and quantification of drugs in oral fluid as at the end of March this year, which may give another easier and more viable way of testing for certain drugs other than requiring urine testing. Unions are warning that companies who do not … Read More

Rest and Meal Breaks vs the Bus Industry

With the current Government going back to old legislation around Rest & Meal breaks, the Bus industry has been tipped into turmoil to achieve compliance. Auckland Transport are quoted to having canceled 39 services so far as they’re no longer allowed to compensate for break times, which was the case with bus driver who could … Read More