Membership Terms & Conditions


Essentials | Growth | Board

When applying for membership with The Engine you declare that you have read and agree to The Engine’s terms and conditions below.

1. The Engine is providing you a membership for one of the membership profiles you selected – Essentials, Growth or Board.

2. The Engine do not refund for a change of mind. We do provide a 30-day money back guarantee should we not deliver services to you that are advertised, through The Engine’s non delivery, not due to your unavailability.

3. All memberships are for a duration of 12 months and will roll over unless advised in writing to, 30 days before expiry.

4. The Engine will cancel a membership inside of 12 months should a member prove hardship. There will be no refunds of fees at the point of cancellation.

5. All of The Engine’s memberships have access to an APP feature that provides discounts via The Engine’s PERK programme.

6. The Engine’s APP is extended to your employees and you will be provided with multiple access numbers for them to access.

7. The Engine’s Fuel-saving function of the membership is governed by a credit application for a Fuel Card. The Fuel Card is approved on the basis of no adverse credit for those applying. Your membership will not be refunded should your Fuel Card be declined. The Engine will however discuss any decline (subject to having received your written approval to do so) with Kiwi Fuel should you be declined.

8. You agree to not SPAM or add any member from The Engine’s directory to your database without that member’s approval. In the event a complaint is made The Engine will investigate and reserves the right to cancel a membership without notice. No refund will be applied back in this event.

9. Your membership starts on the date you paid your membership and by accepting The Engine’s Terms and Conditions you govern your employees who are included in your membership for savings. The Engine expects that you will inform your Employees of The Engine’s Terms and Conditions.

10. You understand that your membership classification will be for what you purchased, Essentials, Growth or Board.

11. The Engine has the right to decline membership.

12. You may terminate your membership by giving us 30 days’ notice in writing.

13. No refund of your membership fee or any part thereof will be made in any case of termination of your membership.

14. We may terminate your membership with immediate effect in accordance with any breaches made by NZ Law and/or should you bring The Engine or any of their members into disrepute.

15. All information held on our records relating to a member is confidential and shall only be used in relation to the services provided by The Engine which includes The Engine’s providers being provided information relative to your request to be connected to them.

16. You consent to disclosure of relevant information entered in this application to The Engine’s Providers for The Engine’s business.

17. You consent to your name, membership code and membership status to be displayed in the online The Engine’s Member Directory.

18. You are aware of your rights under the Privacy Act 1993 to have access to this information and to request correction of this information by contacting The Engine or updating yourself in your profile.

19. You will keep your contact details and any other personal information up to date through our website member log in facility. You will keep your login details confidential.

20. From time to time, The Engine will communicate with you electronically, by email, phone or by other means regarding events, activities, opportunities, benefits of membership, surveys and the like. You agree to receive these messages as part of your membership. You may opt out of email communications.

21. We may make additions or changes to these terms on giving of reasonable notice, where we reasonably consider it necessary to do so. If the addition or change is to your detriment, you may send within 21 days of us giving you notice of the addition advice on what you do not agree with.

22. From time to time The Engine will revise their membership Terms and Conditions in accordance with laws governed by New Zealand.

23. Should you partake in any of the membership that includes Business Advisory Services, Customer Survey, Financial Review or Succession Planning you agree that your membership will be for the full annual period you have engaged these services, being the first 12 months or rolling 12 months.

24. Please read our Privacy Statement.