About the Engine

Business can be lonely.

And you don’t know what you don’t know. Don’t leave it until it’s too late. Get business support while you’re in the black so you can avoid going into the red.

Meet our experienced Business Advisors 


Christine Rankin

Business Advisor – Leadership Expert

Christine has lead small teams to running organisations with 100s of staff. Now armed with a lifetime of experience in business, she knows leadership starts at the top. Help your business thrive by making sure you have leadership structures and processes in place.

“Your success is my passion”.

Peter Cooke

Business Advisor – CX Expert

Peter’s career has spanned many industries and countries over the past 35 years. Experience gained across the banking, utility, telecommunications and insurance sectors has seen Peter develop extensive senior management and leadership skills.

I see solutions – not problems”.

Catherine Cooke (nee Sherwood)

Founder and Leading Business Advisor

Catherine is a passionate and entrepreneurial-minded business woman. She has consistent success in start-ups; building, growing and improving the profitability as well as lifting performance to increase the value of existing companies and exit/succession strategies.

“Turning passion into profits”.

The Engine – Where Business Grows

The Engine is a collaborative community of carefully selected business professionals from experienced advisors, to a network of specialist service providers.

At the heart of The Engine are community and education – because lets’ face it – running a business is a lonely business. And knowledge is power.

So we’ve created a space for business owners to gather to support and learn from us and each other.

The combination of skilled Business Advisors, trusted service providers and a strong business community to cheer you on is invaluable and a key to business success.

Hi, I’m Catherine Cooke

A business owner turned business advisor and Founder of The Engine.

I’ve always been fascinated by business and the opportunities to scale to greater heights personally and professionally.

From Business Owner to Advisor

I built my first company from the ground up, to multiple companies with a staff number of 90. And I almost lost everything when another business venture was derailed by circumstances out of my control.

It’s safe to say I know growing pains and adversity well and have seen what happens when a business goes well …and not so well.

I’ve been a business advisor for the last seven years, with an extensive track record in helping hundreds of businesses grow. I was the Business Advisor for the Business Chamber of Commerce covering business problems nationwide in 2015.

Delegate to Elevate

What I’ve observed in my role as a Business Advisor is the lack of holistic business advice in the marketplace.

Sure there are plenty of coaches, consultants and companies out there doing great work to help businesses but it’s often directed to one specific area of business. And doesn’t look at a business as a whole or include the voice of the team and clients. This can lead to all sorts of issues and can really stall growth.

I’ve also watched business owners try to do it all. Wearing too many hats and not focusing on what they’re good at and delegating the rest.

Our motto at The Engine is “delegate to elevate” and that’s what we’re passionate about helping business owners do, so they can experience true growth.

We’re here to swim beside you and help you build a business you love (and one that loves you back!).

Our vision at The Engine is to create a world-class business advisory firm and business support community for New Zealand businesses.

Our Mission

To impact businesses at their foundations through education.
To bring transformation through building capability and to create a culture of sustainability through the pursuit of innovation.
Ultimately helping businesses thrive.

Our Values

Integrity – we are courageous and only operate with our best intentions at heart.

Honest – we are deeply trusted by our clients and they know we will tell them what they need to hear.

Collaborative – we firmly believe businesses perform better with a team behind them. We help you build that team.

Persistence – we value our relationships and work hard for our clients.

Genuine – what you see is what you get – we don’t try to be something we’re not.  

Humility – we meet you where you are on your journey without any judgement.

Community – you don’t need to do business alone – together is better. With The Engine you’re part of a community that’s got your back.

Respect – we may not be in your shoes but we respect where you’re at.

How to Work with Us

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