Business Forum – ‘Workplace Wellbeing’ 22 July 2020 @ Lula Inn – The Viaduct

The 2020 Workplace Wellness Business Forum is to be held on 22 July 2020 at The Lula Inn, Viaduct, Auckland.  The Engine & Business Strategy NZ with main sponsor Scottish Pacific Business Finance have brought together experts and thought leaders on this topic.


The Engine was formed to put a platform of providers together to enable businesses to have a trusted group of professionals supporting them on their business journey.  The Engine and their providers see every day the impact on businesses trying to maintain growth and sustainability in what can be described as challenging conditions.  With this in mind we wanted the first of our Quarterly Forums to be about Workplace Wellness.


In today’s non-stop work culture, with people logging longer hours at their desks and eating in front of their screens, it’s never been more important for workplaces to get serious about building a workplace that prioritizes employee well-being.  There is no doubt that an effective workplace wellness strategy can lead to higher productivity, greater talent retention and overall company success.