Keynote Speaker - Economist: Tony Alexander

A statement regarding the Workplace Wellness Business Forum.

Over the past week we have been monitoring business' response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Despite our desire to go ahead as planned with our event and give everyone something to look forward to, it has become increasingly clear that we will not be able to proceed until early 2021.

Keynote Speaker - Economist: Tony Alexander - copy

Tony Alexander has worked as an economist in New Zealand since 1987. He is renowned for not only being insightful but an engaging on point economist. Tony has provided incredible insight through COVID-19.

John Shackleton - Resilience in Business

As a powerful speaker with a story borne out of experience, not trite text book theory, his humorous but hard hitting style will have participants laughing and crying.

Forum Sponsor - Scottish Pacific

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Keynote Speaker - Charlotte Lockhard -

4 Day Week Global is a not-for-profit community established by Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart to provide a platform for like-minded people who are interested in supporting the idea of the four-day week as a part of the future of work. The PM Hon. Jacinda Ardern is backing the thought of a 4 Day Week workforce.

Slide 4 - Quarterly Forums
Business Forum "Workplace Well-being"


5 hours of education, information & networking for business owners.

Sponsor: Scottish Pacific with Tony Alexander, Charlotte Lockhart & John Shackleton

@ The Lula Inn, Viaduct, Auckland

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Keynote Speakers



The 2020 Workplace Wellness Business Forum Sponsored by Scottish Pacific Business Finance is POSTPONED UNTIL EARLY 2021 due to the COVID19 disruption.  The Engine & Business Strategy NZ with main sponsor Scottish Pacific Business Finance have brought together experts and thought leaders on this topic.  Update: This forum had been planned for July 22nd.  With continued COVID19 disruption we have POSTPONED until early 2021.  Interestingly enough COVID19 has highlighted the 4 Day Week discussion and 4 Day Week Global was always one of our expert speakers for this event, along with the ever so on point economist Tony Alexander to discuss all things post COVID19 and John Shackleton who helped many companies during COVID19 on Resilience and Mindfulness for businss owners and their staff.  4 Day Week Global is the brainchild of Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart from Perpetual Guardian who also now own the Give a Little site and were instrumental in fundraising from their pockets and through Give a Little $248,505.54 to the ANZACS.

The Engine was formed to put a platform of providers together to enable businesses to have a trusted group of professionals supporting them on their business journey.  The Engine and their providers see every day the impact on businesses trying to maintain growth and sustainability in what can be described as challenging conditions.  With this in mind we wanted the first of our Quarterly Forums to be about Workplace Wellness.

In today’s non-stop work culture, with people logging longer hours at their desks and eating in front of their screens, it’s never been more important for workplaces to get serious about building a workplace that prioritises employee well-being.  There is no doubt that an effective workplace wellness strategy can lead to higher productivity, greater talent retention and overall company success.


Keynote Speaker:

Tony Alexander, Economist

Keynote Speaker:

Charlotte Lockhart, 4 Day Week Global

Keynote Speaker:

John Shackleton – Resilience & Mindfulness, Speaker, Coach & Trainer

“Working well – Why creating a culture of wellness is great for your bottom line!”

Why Attend?

Wellness at work: Building Healthy Workplaces


In recent years, wellness has moved into the workplace – the workplace being both for profit and not-for-profit companies, businesses, firms, institutions and organisations designed to provide goods and/or services. While workplaces have the responsibility to provide safe and hazard-free work environments, they also have the opportunity to promote worker health and foster healthy workplaces.  The average person spends more time working than any other daily activity of life, and, over a lifetime, an average of 100,000+ hours on the job.  The focus on the workplace as being an important part of one’s life and a major role player in the community, for health protection and health promotion has become a big focus.


The concept of the healthy workplace is not new, but it has indeed changed in New Zealand, evolving from a nearly exclusive focus on operational health and safety to include wellness.  Today’s healthy workplace should include both health protection and promotion.  In short, it includes wellness.


As a Company Owner or leader in your workplace responsible for Wellness this forum is designed with you in mind to take learning/s and implement them back in to your workplace.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has captured these elements in its definition of the healthy workplace.


A healthy workplace is one in which workers and managers collaborate to use a continual improvement process to protect and promote the health, safety and well-being of all workers and the sustainability of the workplace by considering the following, based on identified needs:

  • Health and safety concerns in the physical work environment;
  • Health, safety and well-being concerns in the psycho-social work environment, including organisation of work and workplace culture;
  • Personal health resources in the workplace; and
  • Ways of participating in the community to improve the health of workers, their families and other members of the community.


Today we bring to you leaders in their fields to share with you their knowledge of life experience, best practices and to have you walk away thinking more how to implement wellness of your best asset ‘your people’ and ‘you’.


Today’s business leaders must govern their organisations with wellness always at the forefront to drive their business forward.


Who Attends?


Not being a coffee drinker, I always hear there’s a massive difference between an amazing cup of coffee and a terrible one.  I also know many business owners rely on this necessary drink to get them through the day with many never leaving the inside of their business operations which means you are on the same daily merry-go-round knowing no different.  If this sounds like you then this Quarterly Forum is designed with you in mind.  Discover that the chokehold on the growth and wellness of your business is directly related to the psychology of those leading the company.  By this we mean that if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.  To be different means stepping outside of your business to learn from others who are experienced to open your mind through sharing of their experiences and to challenge your thinking to the opportunity of change.


The Engine and Business Strategy NZ have brought together a starring line up of top leaders in a variety of fields, to deliver strategies, learnings and opportunity for your business wellness.  Sponsored by Scottish Pacific who have partnered as a provider with The Engine, they believe in being a responsible lender that provides information and education to enable business owners to be better equipped inside the walls of their business., a not for profit organisation led by Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart are challenging people on the concept of a 4dayweek and the huge benefit on your business, community and most of all your people.  John Shackleton shares his own personal journey to what brought him to today be a keynote speaker in resilience and mindfulness.  Tony Alexander will provide the injection reality of where the economy sits from his very experienced mind.


This Forum will give you access to insights, have your identifying the areas of wellness required in your business and how to make them infinitely stronger.  Our empowering speakers will push you to put the wellness back into your business while teaching you to inspire your employees along the way to achieve their own personal wellness.


You will walk away from the event with knowledge, wow & ahhh moments along with a networking opportunity designed to provide you with 22 new business connections.  We believe this forum is exceptional value for the 5 hours it will provide for you and your business.  Oh, and did we also tell you there is a goodie bag, light breakkie, morning tea & a 3 month free Engine Essential Membership packed with Savings & Support ($215 value for the membership alone).   You owe it to yourself to look after your business wellness to take it to the next level.


Grow your business connections with our Sonic Networking


Share your business purpose, proposition and customer payoff in 60 Seconds. One of the most interactive parts of our upcoming Business Forum is our business Sonic Networking – designed to take speed networking to an entirely new level.  At the event you will have the opportunity to share the benefits your customers enjoy with more than 20 like-minded potential partners, referrers, and advocates.  Meet/connect on common values, customer groups or business growth goals and exchange details to invest in a more thorough business discussion at a future meeting.


Sonic Networking is designed to maximize the introduction opportunities you gain from participating in the event, give you the opportunity to hone and practice your customer benefit statements and discover the partnering opportunities shared by other forum participants.  Make sure that you come to the session with a good supply of business cards, a thorough understanding of how your business helps customers, and an open mindset to listen and look for opportunities to share value with the other delegates.  Our hosts Grant Finer from Business Strategies and Catherine Sherwood from The Engine are renowned principal connectors.  They know how to take a connection and create amazing opportunities for others.  It was through networking that Grant and Catherine met and here they are 6 months on realizing their dream to impart valuable knowledge and information through this incredible Forum of sought after leaders in their fields.


We all know the world is our oyster.  If we learn to open ourselves up and to expand our consciousness beyond the framework of our “normal perspectives” and expectations, we enter the magic of true business relationship.



Guaranteed 15-20 new business connections with our Business Forum.   

Immerse yourself in our workplace wellness topics critical to build happy, healthy workplaces. 

Real conversations to inspire positive change.  Invest in your people.

“Immerse yourself in wellness topics critical to success in business. A happy team increases productivity, builds great culture and retains good people”

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Discover the true potential of your business through workplace wellness.