Resilience | Mindfulness Coach & Trainer

Better results with less stress.

In all my years in sports psychology and with all my experience of helping people to improve thinking, I have never come across anything as powerful as Mindfulness. By developing a good mindfulness practice, anyone can transformtheir life and achieve the success, peace and happiness they are looking for.


John Shackleton


Coming from a sports psychology background John has coached World Champions and Olympic medallists from around the globe. As well as helping sports people achieve at their highest level, for the last 30 years he has earned his living presenting to the corporate world on the areas of Peak Performance and Coaching Performance Improvement.


After a bout of serious depression, brought on by extreme stress, John began to study the neuro-science behind Mindfulness and other psychological interventions for stress relief. He has now created a series of workshops and keynotes covering the development of resilience through the use of Mindfulness techniques.




Resilience in Business


Someone with resilience will bounce back quickly from adversity. A person without it is likely to buckle under pressure, run away from problems and act defensively or aggressively to protect their position.


Professional sports people understand how important it is to zero their mind after a setback. They realise that focusing on a mistake or worrying about the next play, is totally ineffective. Winning in sport requires total focus on the present moment and this is why so many professional athletes are using mindfulness and resilience training to help them succeed.


Many of the worlds top companies are now investing heavily in mindfulness training because people who develop resilience:


  • Have a strong sense of purpose and are self-driven.
  • Solve problems and make informed decisions quickly.
  • Have a high sense of self worth and autonomy.
  • Display empathy and compassion for others and so create strong, respectful relationships.
  • Manage their feelings and emotions and act calmly when stressed.


Not only do high resilience individuals perform better and achieve more, they also show greater loyalty to their organisation, which is reflected in staff retention levels. This type of training helps people improve their mental wellbeing, cope with today’s high stress levels and creates more purpose and more happiness.


It is no wonder Mindfulness training has become so popular in today’s business world and is now regarded as the ’go to’ topic for improving staff wellbeing.




John’s session will show you how Mindfulness helps us dissolve the critic inside our head and create a stronger connection with our powerful ‘inner drive’. As a result:


  • Our confidence and self worth increases.
  • We learn to remain calm and relaxed under pressure.
  • We improve our communication skills (particularly listening and empathy).
  • We stay focused for longer on our targets and therefore achieve more.
  • We become more open, more optimistic and more creative.