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Do you want to build brand equity for your business through the Mana of TV?

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In the beginning…

A dream founder of The Engine, Catherine Cooke had was being able to story tell businesses brands where business owners could be given a platform to share their voice without exhausting all their cashflow.  In 2020 The Engine was asked to participate as a business expert on The Café and so started a platform to bring businesses, their knowledge and stories to TV.  Following this in June 2021 the dream continued with a lengthened show delivered in partnership with Face TV New – bringing real kiwi business stories from real kiwi people to TV and PODCAST through The Engine Business Show.

With digitisation becoming more and more integrated into business, having omni-channel solutions is crucial to building trust and engagement with your audience.

Being on TV in the past seemed to be only for:

The multi-million dollar companies

The big brands

The businesses with connections...

Why should that be so?

Small businesses make up 97% of the  businesses in New Zealand which means our TV world is dominated by around 3% of New Zealand businesses or foriegn businesses looking to break into the NZ market. 

Why should such a small percentage saturate the airways when the everyday small businesses owner represents the largest sector in business? 

Don’t you want to hear real kiwi business stories from real kiwi business owners?

The Engine and our Providers thought so too.


The Vision

To make the vision of seeing small business owners on TV and further reach entrepreneurial and business minded Kiwis, The Engine with their production company Jolly Productions in association with Sky TV Channel 083 – Face TV New Zealand – have committed to co-creating a dedicated, locally produced business show with The Engine, showcasing it’s experts and advisors and many of its’ clients who have incredible business skills, insights and valuable experience to share, enabling viewers to make better, more informed decisions that positively benefit their business.

This show will be broadcast on TV and simulcast across multiple social channels including YouTube Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn giving all participants an incredible opportunity to share their skills and expertise in front of an audience of thousands of interested and targeted viewers.

Hi, I’m Catherine Cooke Founder of The Engine.

I want to get your business on TV!

The Offer

This is your opportunity to showcase your business, brand and expertise on one of the only locally produced dedicated BUSINESS shows in New Zealand broadcast through Sky TV, and simulcast across multiple social channels providing both brand recognition, credibility and reach.


Your feature will provide branding (as the expert) and call to action opportunities via onscreen graphics.

Creation of 6-7 minute in studio advertorial / interview content.

Inclusion in the full length show, broadcast on TV AND Live Streamed on Facebook via The Engines FB page, and Face TV’s FB page PLUS uploaded to all of our Youtube channels.

Targeted digital reach campaign guaranteeing viewers, impressions and growing brand recognition, making this a worthwhile and time efficient experience.

Your segment will be shared as an individual short form interview and crossposted on all platforms – including yours – plus you can upload your interview onto other platforms: IGTV, your own Youtube channel or LinkedIn and it’s the perfect length for your website.

The show you feature in will be added to the FaceTV on demand viewing platform, with links to your website.

The Reach

As experts and NZ leaders in Live Streaming and Digital outreach, you can leave the advertising placement to us. We’ll ensure that we drive leads to the ‘on demand’ landing page on FaceTV’s site and relevant Youtube or Facebook channels to share your content to our collective audiences.

The best and most effective marketing and advertising strategy is not just you sharing your brands message with audiences. It’s when other people start to highlight you and your brand to their audiences through 3rd party referrals, that you start to really create impact. PLUS: being digital it’s trackable and transparent.

With access to digital audiences in excess of 400,000+ people in NZ in the 25 – 65 age group PLUS the regular viewership of Face TV’s 100,000 regular viewers there’s no other package like this in the market.

100,000+ viewers on Face TV

400,000+ Facebook viewers 300,000+ Youtube viewers Digital audience 25 - 65yrs

At least 3 streaming platforms

Also turned into a podcast on Spotify and itunes

Other kiwi businesses owners like you already have their story out there


Episode 2

Watch interviews with Judy Liu from Sunshine Food, Graham and Mary Little from Cube Living, Michele Hawley from CocoCoast Coconut water and Kelly Young from 9Round Kick Box Fitness, Albany.

Episode 3

Watch interviews with Lindsay Fisher from Scottish Pacific, Rachael Thompson The Smarter Mortgage Lady and John Harland from ERG Recruitment. 

Episode 4

Watch interviews with Grant Finer from Business Strategy NZ, Helen Wright from Rhubarb cafe Dunedin and Catherine Cooke from The Engine. 

Launching Season 2 with an all new format for 2023!

Building on season one’s success, The Engine Business Show 2023 season will be hosted by Holly Pollock Director of Jolly Productions.

Filmed in a new studio with a modern backdrop, each episode will be fast-paced, informative and entertaining.  Along with our in-studio guest interviews, there’ll be some new features including “Top Trends & Tips” from key national and international business leaders.

Viewers will be inspired and want to seek out more information or the services that are discussed in each episode.

The Investment

Gold Sponsor

Show Titles (15 sec)
Your brand shown for 15 sec at the start of each show.

Show Sponsor Break (2 minutes).

 6 x 1 minute AD breaks over the 12 show.

Note: If you don’t have a 1 min video for tv we can create one for you for $3000.

Guest Interview x2 (6 minutes each).

Your ad and shows become ongoing marketing collateral for your business. USE ONE OF YOUR SHOWS FOR A CLIENT OR BRING A CLIENT ON THE SHOW.

Silver Sponsor 

Show Sponsor Break (2 minutes).

4 x 1 minute AD breaks over the 12 shows
Note: If you don’t have a 1 min video for tv we can create one for you for $3000.

Guest Interview x2 (6 minutes each).

Your ad and shows become ongoing marketing collateral for your business. USE ONE OF YOUR SHOWS FOR A CLIENT OR BRING A CLIENT ON THE SHOW.


Bronze Sponsor

1 x 6 minutes guest interview

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