Accounting, Book-keeping & Cashflow Management

Walker Wayland – working with your business.

Building and managing a great business is really important.  But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.  It’s all about who you’re working with.


You want to have the best people on your team, and you want those people to understand your business, like it’s their business.  That’s us.  We’re exceptional at what we do – and we find ways to make it feel like we are working with you, not just for you.


The difference is in the attitude – and you’ll notice it with how easy we make it seem.  So if you need Cashflow & Financial Management Business Advice, Accounting or Tax services we’re here to help, and ensure it’ll be a great process too.


Our specialist tax services are tailored to you, whether you’re a first-time investor or an established, global enterprise.  We make sure we take all the stress out of tax compliance, and focus on making your business truly tax-effective.  Our team are always on hand with innovative and practical solutions that will suit you and your business perfectly.


We offer end to end services from:


    • Cashflow & Financial Management Business Advisory;
    • Tax planning & Consultancy;
    • Taxation Audits & Disputes;
    • Tax Compliance;
    • International Tax.


We’ll find ways to work with your requirements, your timelines and your challenges.  Our clients will happily tell you, that we can find the perfect solution for your business.


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Berkshire Limited, David McCulloch – Walker Wayland are very friendly, they bend over backwards for our business. They even lent me their boardroom when I needed it.

Keystone Financial Solutions Limited, Keith Styles – Walker Wayland provide 100% reliable business advice, with wonderful service from the entire team to match. I would recommend them to any business owner.

Capitol Signs Limited, Justin Smith – Partnering with WW allows us to concentrate on our business with the confidence that we are complying with the rules and regulations. Their service has been excellent and faultless and their advice is always just a phone call away. I would recommend WW to any business seeking accounting services and advice.

Subshop Papakura Limited, Rubin Eliezer – Four Accounting firms later and 10 years ago – I established a partnership with WW Auckland and stayed simply because I understood what I was being told. Over the highs and lows of these years, the lows defined the value the firm brought to me. With WW Auckland, the guidance, advice and support go way beyond process accounting. It is a partnership that will be valued and cherished through many years to come.

Cure Kids Limited, Frances Benge – Walker Wayland have loyally supported Cure Kids for more than 30 years. With the increased scrutiny around the fiduciary responsibilities of the not for profit sector we are incredibly grateful for the guidance which the team at Walker Wayland give us. They are extremely helpful and supportive of our cause and it is a pleasure to partner with them, we strongly believe our organisation is in a safe pair of hands.