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The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. Level up and grow.

Catherine Sherwood, Director,

The Engine

Are you ready to Grow Your Business? 


As an entrepreneur, you tend to think outside the box and can spot new opportunities arising from market penetration to business expansion. It isn’t just a gut instinct – you can see clear indicators that your company is growing, your cash-flow is strong, the demands for your products and services are rising – all positive signs that business growth is within your reach.


If you manage this well, your profits will increase thereby putting you in an even stronger position.


However, while all this sounds good the reality is many business owners while having best intent are instead working within their business fire-fighting and running from one issue to another, because the business is so reliant on the business owner.  Many also feel they are flying the flag alone, not knowing how to change what feels like a continuous ground-hog day.


Catherine Sherwood and her team have walked in your shoes and continues to do so as a Business Owner.  They have a solid track record in helping SMEs across New Zealand (as their Business Advisor) grow their businesses and if you are serious about growth, they will challenge you to step off the merry go round to climb the mountain.


The Engine’s Advisor’s have seen many Business Owners rush into business growth without much reflection, causing them headaches down the line. By being diligent, using solid data, setting benchmarks and having an honest discussion with your Advisor (working collaborative with The Engine’s partners) to access your options for business growth – chances are, you will come up a champion.


Her approach gets to the heart of any issues, thereby proving valuable in your business growth plan.


” I regard Catherine as a partner in my business, someone I can share confidential information with, trust to deliver areas within our business with our best interest and know she enjoys seeing our success. We look forward to our continued partnership with Catherine.”   Alex Su, Director – iRelax


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