Dear CEO/Business Owner, when did you last take a break, an uninterrupted break?

Do you dream about having a few days off but wonder how your business will be able to run without you there?

Do you worry about what will happen to your business in case of a medical event or family emergency? Not having the capacity to step away from your business puts everything you are working for at risk.

Burning the candle at both ends keeps things going on the surface, but is not a sustainable growth strategy. It won’t be long before overwhelm turns to burnout and the state of your personal well-being leaves your business critically vulnerable.

Perhaps you want to step back and start working a 4-day week or work on a personal project.

Maybe you just need to share the heavy lifting with an experienced pair of hands that isn’t too close to your business and can keep things moving forward when you need a break.

The plugin CEO service from The Engine offers you just that, and more.

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