Looking for keys to growth in your business?

Looking for keys to growth in your business?

The primary cause of business stress & failure is the lack of ongoing business planning.

Running a business without a plan is like going on a road trip to Wellington and ending up in Coromandel.  Planning is ongoing, not a one-off and should be part of your working ON your business strategy.

Staying in the trenches can help you be a great leader but every boat needs a CAPTAIN who knows where they are going, constantly reviews the weather pattern and is agile with the plan to get to the destination.

It is not acceptable to say I’ll start planning in the new year.  When the new year comes you would have lost a good run to the start of that year.  If you need capital the banks work more favourably with businesses that plan ahead.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Clients we work with are disciplined through having agreed action plans and accountability – that is our role.  Surround yourself with Experienced Business Advisors and a community that can spot the blinds spots and help you achieve your business growth for the coming year.

Now is the time to get started for the new year not in the new year.

Catherine Cooke | Founder and Leading Business Advisor 

Book a free business planning session with any of our experienced business advisors. 

Christine Rankin

Business Advisor – Leadership Expert

Christine has lead small teams to running organisations with 100s of staff. Now armed with a lifetime of experience in business, she knows leadership starts at the top. Help your business thrive by making sure you have leadership structures and processes in place.

“Your success is my passion”.

Peter Cooke

Business Advisor – CX Expert

Peter’s career has spanned many industries and countries over the past 35 years. Experience gained across the banking, utility, telecommunications and insurance sectors has seen Peter develop extensive senior management and leadership skills.

I see solutions – not problems”.

Catherine Cooke (nee Sherwood)

Founder and Leading Business Advisor

Catherine is a passionate and entrepreneurial-minded business woman. She has consistent success in start-ups; building, growing and improving the profitability as well as lifting performance to increase the value of existing companies and exit/succession strategies.

“Your passion, your business”.

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Provider Tips and News

Budgeting as an SME – Walker Wayland

Small business budgets are empowering. They give you the knowledge and insight to eliminate wasteful spending and get to profitability faster.

When setting a business budget, you need good numbers. Don’t guess at what’s coming in and what’s going out. You could be making assumptions that just aren’t true. Take the time to look into your accounts and dig out the real figures. It might sound like hard work but it’s worth it.

The numbers that matter when setting a budget

So what are the key figures to consider when setting a budget? Rather than looking over large sets of numbers than can blur into one, keep in mind the following financial reports:

  • – Profit & Loss report
  • – Balance sheet
  • – Trial balance

Profit & Loss report

This report tells you at a glance whether you’re making money or losing it. To do that, you’ll subtract your expenses from your income. To help you get started, talk to your Walker Wayland Accountant.

Income (revenue)

How much money are you generating from sales of your products or services? It helps to break these into:

  • – recurring income – regular and reliable revenue from client retainers and contract work
  • – expected income – a forecast of what your business is likely to earn

Expenses (costs)

How much money are you spending on business costs such as staff, raw materials and marketing? As with income, it helps to break these into:

  • – recurring expenditure – your monthly payments for rent, utilities, payroll and so on

It can be easy to overlook some of the costs of doing business. To help capture them all, consider the following issues:

  • – Depreciation – business assets, such as computers and equipment, lose value as they get older, and should be counted as a cost
  • – Overheads – make sure you don’t overlook fixed costs such as rent or energy (eg, electricity, gas, transport fuel)
  • – Payroll – the total cost of employing your staff including insurance, taxes and benefits
  • – Debt repayments – regular outgoings to repay loans or other business investments

If you have more revenue coming in than costs going out, you’re making a profit. If it’s the other way around, you’re making a loss. A loss is okay in certain situations but losses aren’t sustainable over the long term.

Read the Full Article for more information on Balance Sheets and Trial Balance.

Content provided by Provider to The Engine, Walker Wayland. 

How do I delegate my to-do list? – Strictly Savvy

Want to get some tasks off your to-do list, but not sure HOW to delegate when you’ve always done it yourself?

We hear this time and time again from people desperate to free up time in their day, but not sure where to start!

It’s normal to want to hold on to the things on your to-do list.  

Maybe you feel like you’re the only one who can do it right, it would take too long to train someone new, or that someone else is going to take much longer to complete the task for you.

Ultimately, handing things over to a VA or team member comes down to trust, training and communication. Ready to learn how?

First off, why should you be delegating?

It’s simple, the more low-level, repetitive tasks that you can get off your to-do list, the more time you’re going to have to focus on big picture, high-level, revenue generating tasks within your business.  

Maybe there’s tasks you’re doing often that just really don’t light your fire, are hampering your productivity, or you’re just straight up not good at (that’s ok to admit!).

What could you be doing if you weren’t having to focus time and energy on these tasks? You could:

  • – Spend more time marketing your business to attract new customers
  • – Finally get started on that project to take your business to the next level
  • – Attend networking events
  • – Upskill, take classes or watch seminars
  • – Get out of the office for a much-needed break!

What kind of things should you delegate?

Repetitive tasks. Things that are either the same or very similar every time you do them, and need to be done regularly. These small tasks often take up a lot of your time in the long run, and they are easy to delegate to your team.

Low-level tasks. Similar and often crossed over with repetitive tasks, things that are simply draining your time and stopping you from getting more important things done (think filing, research, document formatting). 

Things that could be done better by a VA or team member. Remember how we said above that there’s probably some things that you just aren’t good at? Being a business owner or manager doesn’t mean that you will be the most skilled team member at any given task (no one is good at everything!).

Delegate these tasks to someone with the relevant skills, and don’t let your ego get in the way.

Things that bore you. If there’s things on your to-do list that you dread doing, that make the day drag on, or that you avoid altogether – delegate them! Free that time up for things that you love doing.

And here’s something very important to keep in mind: If you find a mistake or that the task hasn’t been actioned correctly at any point, you must let the VA or team member know. DO NOT fix it and not say anything. Trust that your team member wants to do a good job, they really do! So let them know when something isn’t right so they can fix it and do it correctly next time, otherwise you’ll just end up frustrated. 

Read the Full Article for more tips on delegating and how to make it happen. 

Content provided by Provider to The Engine, Strictly Savvy.

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Highlights from The Engine Workplace Wellness Business Forum

Highlights from The Engine Workplace Wellness Business Forum

The Engine Business Forum  Workplace Wellness

We successfully delivered our Business Forum on the 27th of July 2022

Check out the below for highlights and photos of The Event.  

If you missed the FORUM check out the video.

Key details:

Date: 27th of July 2022
Video & LiveStream from LOPSTREAM
Photography by Lionel Tan Photography
Cake bites were from Sweet Bites NZ
Staging by Event Styling
Projector by DJ4U


We were honoured to have the Forum opened and closed by client to The Engine Limited, Eve Hay from Profile Products.

We were very excited to host our first Forum for 2022 on Workplace Wellness.  Having businesses return to these types of events was encouraging and what a turn out it was!  Over 100 businesses started their morning at 7:30am with a light breakfast & networking and finished at 2pm with a great deal of insights, connections and from what we heard satisfied bellies from breakfast, morning tea and lunch.

Allely Estate and their sister company WineTime sponsored this event and we got to hear from their Director, Peter Cooke, on his journey from corporate to business and the benefits of WineTime impressing guests and customers with their personalised wine. 

We all loved Peter’s rounding up of how his focus is on happy employees = happy customers.

Catherine Cooke, our Founder and Leading Business Advisor of The Engine got to tell the audience of her own journey personally and in business with success & adversity.  While she has helped 100’s and 100’s of businesses nationwide as a Business Advisor her key pearls always were “know who you are and use it to your advantage”, “delegate to elevate but don’t abdicate” as well as 10 words “if it is to be it is up to me”.  Catherine also gave away her 3 trade secrets for marketing and branding across the event too.

The event had great Keynote Speakers such as Charlotte Lockhart – 4Day Week Global who champions ‘Working less is our future. The 4 Day Week conversation, together with flexible, reduced hours work, has reached the tipping point. We are excited to be leading and supporting the journey for 100’s of businesses around the world with our Global Pilot Programme.’ Charlotte was talking about paying your staff 100% for 80% of their time and how we borrow our Employees from their lives so we should be looking for the balance between keeping your business, clients and people happy.  We were really intrigued by the contents of their book, written by Charlotte’s life Partner, Andrew Barnes that presents a radical, convincing case for a sustainable, profitable future in which we work less, but are more productive, engaged, and satisfied.  A wee break to morning tea had attendees with an array of more cuisine from the Chefs along with an opportunity for more networking.

After morning tea we had 3 of our clients on the couch discussing their Business Journey from Kelly Young, Co-Owner 9Round Albany, discussing the benefits of having a Business Advisor in your business, to Sarah Donaldson and rebranding her business Fitworks Health and the koru meaning on her new brand, to Curtis Stowers and the creation of his new business with his wife Monica Moore, Conference In A Box that brings incredible speakers to Events – speaking of which we had the most amazing hour from 3 speakers he will be offering – the ladies from Organised Chaos.

Following the couch we got to hear from sought after Tony Alexander which was not only insightful but had the audience laughing with his comedic delivery.  Tony has a way of drawing the audience in, however his insights provided an order of calmness to all attending to hang in there, we may be seeing a peak and a drop by the end of the year in interest rates. 

It was a working Buffet lunch as the audience got to hear from the ladies at Organised Chaos who each individually spoke and performed. From Julia Grace  who introduced us to the theory of lizard, mouse and monkey brains.   You see when stressed out brains are offline brains, we are all on a wellbeing spectrum and we can always get weller, when we are mentally unwell.  That we’ve all had those moments of thinking we are pulling the handbrake and find ourselves flying back in the seat as we have just lowered the car seat, not pulled the handbrake. As we are usually the last to know we are unwell she cautioned never book flights under pressure – you may end up somewhere else! And last but not least what an incredible voice and heartfelt version Julia sang and strummed with her guitar for the song True Colours.

Next up was Christine Rankin who came back from the most awful public office treatment to working with businesses on transformative leadership.  That when facing extreme adversity, we need to lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way!

And if we thought we had been truly inspired Monica Moore took to the stage with her hilarious props of cardboard boxes and encouraged us to change our world, change our stories, and FLIP your thinking – FLIP = find life in problems. We strongly recommend you look to buy Monica’s book – Buy the Damn Dress which is not only hilarious but has practical tips for you to practice.

The Engine Specialist Provider Business Community and Sponsors kindly donate $7000 + in prizes from branding, copywriting, tax reviews, a legal review, wine, more wine … and more that were won on the day.

Gift bags were also distributed to all attendees with flyers from 9Round Albany, Fitworks Health, Sassy Mamma, WineTime and The Engine along with yummy chocolate from Rapt about Gifts and NZ organic rub from It’s Organic Darling, pads and pens by The Engine, Walker Wayland & Martelli McKegg.

If you would like to connect with any of the Keynote Speakers: 

Tony Alexander – Leading Economist

Charlotte Lockhart – 4DayWeek Global

– Christine Rankin, Julia Grace and Monica Moore – Organised Chaos

We can’t wait for the next Business Forum from

The Engine. 

 “Remember know who you are and use it to your advantage”.

Workplace Wellness starts with knowing where you are at in your business. When was the last time you did a Business Health Check?