Governance is non-negotiable as a Business Owner.

Governance is non-negotiable as a Business Owner.

Governance is non-negotiable as a Business Owner.

Many Company Owners start a business without realising the responsibilities & weight required of a Director. When the buck stops with you, there is no room to shirk your duties. “I didn’t know” doesn’t cut it“. 

As a Director you have obligations by law to your business and to your employees. At the end of the day, you are accountable for what your business does both with and without your knowledge. You need to be in the full know. It is imperative that you understand your business operations, your cashflow, and ensure you have a robust business plan.

You have a responsibility to provide cashflow, mitigate risk and have a plan to operate or survive your business through times of crisis and disruption. Now is the time to ask what you don’t know – ask, prepare, plan & test – repeat. Once crisis hits, without a plan you’ll have a sinking ship.

Don’t let your lack of knowledge get in the way of your success. Protect your business – after all you have spent years building it

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Is your business using crisis pain as crisis fuel in advance of a crisis?

Is your business using crisis pain as crisis fuel in advance of a crisis?

Is your business using crisis pain as crisis fuel in advance of a crisis?

Life can be seemingly going well and then suddenly a curve ball hits – I am sure you know what I am meaning. If you are doing life, curve balls are life!

When that curve ball happens in business the impact becomes a domino effect to many – your staff, your clients, potential clients, the business information and so on.

Disaster recovery and business continuity plans today are more important than ever. What is the risk of a disaster occurring? And if that were to become reality, what would it cost to be down for hours, days or even weeks?

Have you got a disaster recovery plan in place in your business?

2023 The Perfect Storm | Muriwai Needs Us

2023 The Perfect Storm | Muriwai Needs Us

2023 The Perfect Storm

Catherine Cooke here. Speaking of storms, I wanted to share that I featured as a participator in a White Paper by Alexander PR:
2023: The Perfect Storm – 23 Bad Habits Your Board should change in the era of polycrisis.

I was so glad to be a contributor of this on-point and timely reminder to all company owners of their obligations as Directors and for Boards in how critical it is to make ‘great appointments’ to bring the value and substance required to the board table for business success. Gone are the days of having people on boards to make up numbers at the table. If you are appointed you need to be able to be skilled, able to roll up your sleeves, participate & deliver.Thank you, Dwayne Alexander, Alexander PR for the opportunity to contribute. This white paper is well written, so necessary, and hopefully thought provoking for many to make positive change.Right now, in business, many business owners need more than ever mental, physical, and emotional support to manage the onslaught of these business storms.  You may need such support.You don’t know what you don’t know.Having a credible outside influence at the top table in your business in my mind provides you with that certainty that survival and growth are possible. 

And that you are not alone.At The Engine Limited we continue to work with and help many companies with strategy and governance.  Pick up the phone, and call us at The Engine Limited to start the conversation with Christine Rankin, Peter Cooke, or myself.  And let’s discuss the White Paper in detail and how you can benefit from sound knowledge and good governance.

We are lucky we have great teams to deliver within these businesses so that we can assist many businesses with business.

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He said WHAT! – Proactive versus reactive

He said WHAT! – Proactive versus reactive

The voice of the customer brings insights to your business for growth.

Without customers, you don’t have a business. 

And it costs so much more to acquire and find new customers than it does to service your existing customers. 

But knowing what your customers really think about your business can be tricky. Especially when in the thick of your business and you don’t even know what to ask. 

Having your finger on the pulse of your customer’s interactions with your business will help you to create a better experience for them. 

And that will lead to a stronger growth allowing your business to thrive.   

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As a Business Owner do you dig trenches or build bridges?

As a Business Owner do you dig trenches or build bridges?

Do you dig trenches or build bridges?

Time is limited and it’s how you utilise your time that makes all the difference in business. Time is also your best business resource. A successful entrepreneur needs to recognise the value of their time and always spend it on the opportunities.  What do you think you should be the main focus for your time?

Should it be packing orders?  Or planning for growth?  Can it be a combination of both?  You are already feeling over stretched.

You can’t grow a business by solidly being in the trenches – being the chief doer. You need to get out of the trenches to create space for what’s important.

Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business and without having a firm handle on this you can find your business going south very quickly.

If you want growth in your business you need to get harsh, brutal and ruthless with the tasks you spend your time on. 

As the business owner, YOU, are the most critical component in the business. Your time is not free, it is valuable.

In order to be a business owner you are already a very capable, intelligent and educated individual so you need to shift your perspective to reflect that. 

Do you see the flight attendant piloting the plane? 
No, the Captain does. 

As the Captain of your business there are tasks and direction that only you can do to help steer and drive your business growth. These activities need to be your priority and your focus. If you start to try and do too many things, wear too many hats you will find yourself, stressed, overworked and underpaid. 

However, it can be hard to know where to start to prioritise and refocus your time. 
This is where having a business advisor can save you time, money and energy. 

At The Engine, all our Business Advisors have been in your shoes, they understand what it is like running a business. They take the time to get “under the hood” of your business so their advise is tailored to your business needs. They look at your business holistically and know what you need, when you need it. 

If you are serious about your business growth and want to take steps to move yourself out of being “too busy” for time with your family, or to finally get some time for that holiday then you need to understand what is holding you back. 

Register to see if you are eligible for one of our 30-minute complimentary Business Advice sessions for January. You may even be eligible for partial funding ongoing.
Take action to unleash your business for 2023.  It will truly be your best investment for your business and for you personally.

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Merry Christmas from The Engine and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas from The Engine and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

It’s been quite an exciting year for The Engine. As the year comes to a close we wanted to share the success and celebration of a good year. 

Activate Tamaki Makaurau

The $60m business support package announced by the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Small Business in October 2021 and was made available to Auckland Business Owners on the 1st of December 2021. Over the course of 2022 our Business Advisors were able to help many business owners with their strategic plans, cashflow forecasting, health and safety and much more. Our wider Provider community helped to delivered websites, lead pages, videos and other collateral. The combined effort has meant that many business owners now have processes, procedures and marketing material in place to grow their businesses.

Check out our youtube playlist “Meet our clients” to see some of what our Provider community helped deliver.

Our Team

In March we welcomed Stacey Hornell as Business and Administration Support and she has been invaluable with helping to build our social media presence. An absolute super star addition to the team.  

In July Peter Cooke joined as a Business Advisor to The Engine as a Customer Experience Specialist. With a career that has spanned many industries and countries over the past 35 years Peter has a wealth of knowledge to offer business Owners. His experience gained across the banking, utility, telecommunications and insurance sectors has seen Peter develop extensive senior management and leadership skills. More recently he has specialised in customer experience leadership having been Head of CX at both Lotto NZ and EnviroNZ.

In August, Christine Rankin came onboard as a Leading Business Advisor specialising in Leadership. Christine has lead small teams to running organisations with 100s of staff. Now armed with a lifetime of experience in business, she knows leadership starts at the top.


The Engine Business Forum – Workplace Wellness

Having businesses return to these types of events was encouraging and what a turn out it was!  Over 100 businesses started their morning at 7:30am with a light breakfast & networking and finished at 2pm with a great deal of insights, connections and from what we heard satisfied bellies from breakfast, morning tea and lunch. A big thank you to everyone who came and made this event possible. We look forward to hosting more in 2023.

Our Provider Community

We welcomed the below Providers into our community this year. A big thank you to all their support and commitment to this community.

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