In essence, having an elephant in the room signifies a glaring issue or challenging circumstance that everyone avoids addressing. So, let’s confront the elephant in the room. It’s a major factor contributing to the downfall of many businesses, and it’s high time we acknowledge it openly.

Neglecting this fundamental aspect of your business renders everything else irrelevant.

Can you hazard a guess? It’s not even the calibre of your hires. It’s not your marketing strategies or even your branding efforts.

The primary reason behind the staggering failure rates of small businesses is their inability to effectively sell their products or services. IT’S A FACT! No sugarcoating, no falsehoods. You don’t need a meticulously crafted brand identity to start generating revenue for your business.

No matter how many branding experts insist otherwise, it’s simply not the case. Drawing from my experience as a multi-business owner who has built one company from $0 to $10M turnover and helped 100’s and 100’s of businesses to grow revenue, I can assert unequivocally that salesmanship is the paramount factor in business success. Without sales is the number one reason why businesses fail!

We hear often from business owners “I despise sales! Can’t I delegate it to someone more skilled?” True, you absolutely can, but let me explain why that would be a monumental error in your entrepreneurial journey. You are placing the entire burden of driving revenue on another individual which will leave you and them in a bind because you lack a comprehensive understanding of your business’s sales strategy, plan, activity, and sales cycle.

This lack of understanding of your sales cycle will hinder your ability to properly train someone.

You won’t fully grasp your customers’ objections. You won’t be able to coach and support your sales team if you don’t even have a strategy, let alone a plan. You won’t have a solid process in place to effectively train someone else.

The only way to truly comprehend the sales process is to dive in and sell! Immerse yourself in the nitty-gritty of sales and start generating revenue for your business. The moment you empower yourself as a salesperson in your business is the moment your business will grow.

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– Catherine Cooke
Founder and Leading Business Advisor