Business boundaries for your sanity

With the run down to Christmas after a lengthy lockdown it seems ironic to be looking forward to a rest. Many business owners this time every year feel overwhelmed and carry a sense of guilt to have a break. However I know from experience that if you don’t take the time to catch your breath your overwhelmed feeling will slow your business down.

Chaos – state of panic – putting out fires are the usual tell tail signs of an overwhelmed entrepreneur.

It’s at this point you go from being a business asset to a business liability. You need to recognise the triggers – create a list that is realistic and celebrate the wins/success of completion of each task.

Stay the course – strategy, planning and asking for help is what we coach many business owners on at The Engine. And you could receive funding for our services to help you. At The Engine we never leave anyone behind.

We trust you have enjoyed our invaluable knowledge this year via our weekly newsletters. This will be the last one for the year so from our place to yours – Merry Christmas and Arohanui – Catherine Cooke.

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