Genuine EMPLOYEE appreciation requires consistency

As I deliver Culture training to organisations I know that showing genuine appreciation to your staff takes more than a moment in time of recognition and reward – it requires consistency and commitment.

When you are purposefully genuine about your employee’s welfare through regular and meaningful interaction with staff so many more benefits occur. For many businesses COVID did spotlight concern for Employees, however we need this to continue. With a labour shortage market everything you do will define whether your employees stay and/or whether you attract talent.

There are fundamental elements of being an authentic Employer and it doesn’t have to always be a reward of money or human recognition. For many Employees it is about feeling a sense of opportunity, to learn, to grow, to make a contribution, and to be recognised for achievements that also advances them. It’s not about rewards or a pat on the back. It is about doing meaningful, great work and having that worked validated. Here are my 3 Tips on how to continue to practice the valuable lesson COVID taught us – that gestures of appreciation and recognition are necessary.

Tip #1: Give a shout out to staff on your company social media.

Tip #2: Hold career mentorship sessions.

Tip #3: Give the gift of time.

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