Whether you are employing a new person, or adjusting your employment agreements to build greater flexibility into your workforce, “Which contract should I use?” is probably the most common question I’m asked.

And here are a few Myth busters:

  1. Zero hours contracts are Illegal.

In 2016 there were a lot of headlines about Zero-hours contracts.  At the time the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2016 was introduced and this made it a requirement for employers to:

  1. Include an availability provision, i.e. when you need them to be available to you.
  2. Have genuine business reasons for including that availability provision.
  3. Give the ability for the employee to refuse work – i.e. you can’t require the employee to be available 24/7 in case you have a shift for them, so, in return they must have the right to refuse offered work without penalty.
  4. Include details about the compensation for that availability, i.e. how much they will be paid for cancelled shifts, how much notice will be given for cancelled shifts etc.