Managing risk & wellness – STAYING POSITIVE IN COVID

Keep communicating, ask us for help, mindfulness, walk.


Zoe here, from The Engine team. The last 48hrs have been a roller coaster ride both physically, as you rushed to get ready for level 4, and emotionally as all the memories of last year came rushing back and the thoughts of how you are going to protect your family, your loved ones and your business start to overwhelm you. 

I know this because it’s what I’ve been feeling too. 

Something I have learnt myself is that what I watch, consume and spend time on has a heavy impact on my emotional and mental state. This works with focusing on negative things and positive things. 

So today I wanted to share with you some good news and encouraging words that have been kindly sent to us to pass along from Cam Calkoen – That Awesome Guy (see below) with a reminder that we will get through this and not just survive but THRIVE! 

Firstly, some words from Catherine Cooke, our Founder who not only is a book of knowledge when it comes to running a business but she is heart centrix too.

Last COVID taught us we can only control what we can control and we only know what we know.  Your business could well be eligible for up to $5000 in capability funding for us to help you.  When you are hiking and doing that with another, reaching the top of the mountain is easier.  Also, right now:-


When your business is doing it tough, it’s sometimes hard to keep faith. To stay motivated, it can help to set yourself small goals along the way – and take the time to celebrate them when you reach them. Add a few milestones along the way of working through your business recovery plan for your and your team. Get everyone online to build those goals together and then come back together online and celebrate.

Here to help!

The Engine Business Coach

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