2023 The Perfect Storm

Catherine Cooke here. Speaking of storms, I wanted to share that I featured as a participator in a White Paper by Alexander PR:
2023: The Perfect Storm – 23 Bad Habits Your Board should change in the era of polycrisis.

I was so glad to be a contributor of this on-point and timely reminder to all company owners of their obligations as Directors and for Boards in how critical it is to make ‘great appointments’ to bring the value and substance required to the board table for business success. Gone are the days of having people on boards to make up numbers at the table. If you are appointed you need to be able to be skilled, able to roll up your sleeves, participate & deliver.Thank you, Dwayne Alexander, Alexander PR for the opportunity to contribute. This white paper is well written, so necessary, and hopefully thought provoking for many to make positive change.Right now, in business, many business owners need more than ever mental, physical, and emotional support to manage the onslaught of these business storms.  You may need such support.You don’t know what you don’t know.Having a credible outside influence at the top table in your business in my mind provides you with that certainty that survival and growth are possible. 

And that you are not alone.At The Engine Limited we continue to work with and help many companies with strategy and governance.  Pick up the phone, and call us at The Engine Limited to start the conversation with Christine Rankin, Peter Cooke, or myself.  And let’s discuss the White Paper in detail and how you can benefit from sound knowledge and good governance.

We are lucky we have great teams to deliver within these businesses so that we can assist many businesses with business.

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