Feedback Matters

Good business is about connection. Connecting with your team. Connecting with your customers. Connecting with your hapori. Connecting with yourself. As a business owner what do you do to prioritise to understand your customers better, to know your future customers?

Customers aren’t data points. They’re human beings. Truly understanding your customers means understanding how they want to feel. At The Engine we help you to understand what you do and don’t know about your customers so you can start to have meaningful conversations and create a truly customer-centric business. After-all if you are going to be building a community it is best to know what your current customers think of you first.

So how do you find out what they think? At The Engine we create and deliver Customer Surveys that achieve insights and learnings which we then turn in to action points of opportunities. Listening to your customers makes them feel valued, which grows retention and loyalty as well as has so many more benefits for growth.

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