Everyone deserves to be heard

Total applause for the many businesses that contacted us after last month’s newsletter – regarding having a Customer Survey done impartially via us here at The Engine. They are now on their way to gaining insights from their clients about their service through the eyes of the customer, along with testimonials for marketing and more information for BLOGS – all great for your organic reach.

We still remain perplexed at how many companies don’t care about how their people are or should be feeling at work – focused purely on output and wondering why staff leave. With the migration of the workforce back to the office Employers who embrace that emotions play a huge part in building a high-performing workplace culture will reap the benefits. Now more than ever with a shortage of Employees let alone talent, your company should be building strategy days with your team to have conversations that will present the drivers and motivation of your Employees while also bridging the empathy gap.

Talent stays where they belong.

The Engine are facilitators of building emotional culture in the workplace. Let us come in and play a game that gets the conversation started with ongoing conversation. Contact us now.

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