At The Engine, we don’t just coach; we dive into the pool swimming alongside you! No two businesses are the same, each facing their own unique challenges. Our approach to business support is uniquely collaborative, designed to make a real impact. We start by listening closely to your challenges and aspirations because you know your business best. However, before we go further, it’s important we do a 360 deep dive with your clients, employees and other stakeholders as we know where to find the blind spots and disconnects that are holding you back.

We listen intently to your challenges and aspirations. Together, we’ll take a step back, press pause, and take a fresh look at your business. We’ll identify the obstacles hindering your growth and pinpoint practical solutions to overcome them. Our advice is bespoke and more often or not during this 360 review we are also jumping in to help with imminent needs – right now that is typically leaning up such as restructures, IRD conversations, cashflow needs and more.

Your business is our business. Our goal is to leverage your competitive edge and ensure you stand out in your industry. Depending on the size of your business, we have a business support option for you and you may be eligible for co-funding up to $5000 for our services.

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– Catherine Cooke
Founder and Leading Business Advisor