Success as a Business Owner, happens one step at a time

An uplifting book I’ve just read, written by good friend Monica Moore – ‘Buy the Damn Dress talks about many things including FLIPPING YOUR THINKING. Even as a leading Business Advisor I need that injection reminder. It is so easy to get caught up with the day-to-day stresses, however flipping those negative thoughts in to opportunities will have you soaring. Let’s talk about some of those successes.

Achievements: for $10 a day I have one client who received 102 qualified leads in one week off the back of a Facebook AD I helped curate, another who received 27 leads for an ADS, another a reach of over 300k for another client and engagement of 37,000 … their success is going from invisible to visible by story-telling and through my help reaching their target audience with solutions. The best success my clients are having is our secret weapon ‘a Customer Survey’. Lots of juicy insights from people who have worked with you and more.

You see many marketers will tell you to promote your product and you should but what is your message and differentiation from your competitor if you both sell the same or like product. The key is you need to build a tribe, your community – one that will trust the solution you provide. And more so you need to be delivering on an agreed strategy and celebrating the success that happens one step at a time.

See my presentation I did to Retail Global on branding vs marketing.

We’d love to work with you and deliver the same success.

As Monica says ‘Buy the Damn Dress’.

Don’t procastinate or justify the why.

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