Your Commitment Scale in Business

Commitment in business is having the courage to act when you don’t know the plan. 

Have you ever committed to a goal and then suddenly changed course? Why exactly does commitment matter? I’ve always measured the success of my relationships with people by ensuring I remain committed to the end game and result. I pride myself on my credibility to deliver on the promise of my commitment. Where your commitment lies there too lies YOUR energy, focus, improvement and care. When you think about it that way you immediately see the importance and value of the question. A high level of commitment delivers on your goals as well as builds credible sustainable relationships in business.

As a Leading Business Advisor I quite often talk about the importance of commitment as an entrepreneur in business. Commitment is the one thing that will ensure you are successful in whatever you do. Venturing in to the unknowns takes courage & commitment and when you go through those unknowns you develop capabilities that scale you. To be credible you need to adopt what are known as the four levels of commitment:

Level 1 – Distraction = stay focused on the goal.

Level 2 – Decision = maintain visualisation of the goal.

Level 3 – Discipline = the daily repetition towards the goal.

Level 4 – Devotion drives you to do what it takes to reach the goal.

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