Your Strategic Plan is your Business Investment

Strategy without implementation is useless; implementation without strategy is pointless. Strategy with implementation is growth!

I often discuss with business owners how major strategic decisions need to be given business case time & thinking, but how often do you see this actually treated as a “business investment”?

When you are so busy working in the business much of the strategic planning falls by the wayside. Right now there is never a better time to have a business coach to help with strategy and implementation. The Engine are a leading service provider to deliver on capability funding (50/50) nationwide for strategy and now in Auckland COVID (100% – up to $3k) & implementation (100% – up to $4k) funding. So with the financial expense removed, you just need to front up with the time, commitment & desire to plan for your business’s future.

At The Engine when considering Strategic Implementation with our clients we look at:

– Defining with you your strategy framework;
– Building with you your strategic roadmap & KPIs;
– Look at measurable reporting

And keep you focused.

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